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The Beach

26 Dec

The day I have been looking forward to for weeks has finally arrived – We are at The Beach!

I brought with me a pile of books.


Several bottles of wine and other beverages.


Tickets to see Tap Dogs.


My ‘sun safe’ equipment.


That’s me set.

The husband has grand plans to spend the week watching the cricket.

He’s happy.

Let’s hope this week goes SLOWLY!



Merry Christmas Everyone!

24 Dec

 Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow.

Enjoy your families and try not to eat and drink too much!

Click the link to view my Christmas e card.


Tank Removal

23 Dec

My husband in now on holidays until the beginning of the New Year.  He is really tired and very
much needs a holiday (we are heading to the beach Boxing Day).

He had one job to do during the holidays.  We are getting rid of our old tank in preparation for the arrival of the new one.

He got stuck into it Saturday morning.


My brother came over to help.


Thankfully we have a friend who owns a crane and was also on holidays so he could help – handy!


Tank down – my Dad then arrived with his trailer and took it to the dump for us.


Job Done – now we really are on holidays!

I am linking up today With Some Grace for Sunday Blogging.

12 Months

21 Dec

Today for FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY we have been asked to reflect on the year that has been.

It was actually harder than I anticipated to remember everything I have done this year – well exciting things that you would want to know about!  Thank goodness for my outlook calendar.

So, here it is……….

January: Returned early January from our holiday in New Zealand.  Work was crazy busy packing 160 Math Kit Boxes.

New Zealand 044

February:  Work continued to be busy with 8 workshops to run, school visits and a uni assignment due.

March:  Grant and I headed to Weetwood races this year for the first time since my uni days.


April:  A road trip down to Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Canberra, Tamworth with the husband.  I was in Canberra to celebrate my birthday.


May: I  started volunteering for the Pajama Foundation.  Each week I spend 1 hour with a child in foster care – we usually read and play games.

June: I bought a new car.


July: I was lucky enough to go to New Zealand again this year to attend an Inquiry Learning conference for work.

August: 14 nights away from home this month for work – crazy busy trying to get everything done before my big holiday in September.

September: A 3 week holiday in China and Tibet with my Mum


October:  The month of NEW. We bought a new King Bed (got that in September but I only to sleep in it when I got back from China), new washing machine and a new laptop.

November:  I started playing the social networking game #fmsphotoaday.  This is where you take a photo a day using a daily prompt. (If you’re interested todays prompt is: Tree).


December:  This is the month farewell lunches. With many people (7 of us) in my workplace heading off in different directions year – not a week has gone by without a farewell lunch for someone.  AND…I stared this BLOG!

How was your year?

Wordless Wednesday – My week in Photos

19 Dec

Today I am linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.

My week in photos:

Wednesday – I received these flowers from a lovely friend.


Thursday – Blondie Concert.


Friday – I went to lunch with a friend for her birthday – this was her birthday present.


Saturday – Manicure and pedicure.


Sunday – Uni Assignment completed!


Monday – The fancy cooking that you only do when you are on holidays – pesto and tomato salmon parcels.


Tuesday – Sorting through my boxes of school resources.


How was your week?


18 Dec

Today I am linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT (I Blog on Tuesdays).

For awhile now my husband has been telling me I am a hoarder.

Have you seen the TV show? I am amazed by how much stuff people have.  My house looks nothing like that but our shed on the other hand is busting at the seams, mainly with my school stuff.  I haven’t been in the classroom for two years so all my ‘school stuff’ has been stored in the shed.

Today is the day for me to sort through it and I plan to cull!

Yesterday we carted it all from the shed onto our back deck.  Look at what I’ve got!


Can you believe I have so much stuff.  48 plastic tubs!


Actually that’s not all of it.  I still have a cupboard full of art supplies (pom poms, pipe cleaners, patty papers etc), a fridge, reading chair, couch, filing cabinet and a bookcase full of picture books.

My aim is to cut it down by half. Wish me luck!

Christmas Movies

17 Dec

I love watching Christmassy movies in the lead up to Christmas.

This week, seeing that I am on holidays and my uni assignment is done (yah!) I plan to watch one-a-day in the lead up to the big Day.

This is what I have found on my DVD shelf so far:

1. Love Actually


2. The Holiday


3. Four Holidays


4. The family Stone


5. Bridget Jones’s Diary


6. Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason


Any more suggestions?