16 Dec

Do you have an iPhone? I love mine.

I love that I can connect with people and look things up while I am out and about.  I can use facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest on it.

Here are a few other iPhone Apps  that I use:

Nike Running: This is a great one to motivate you to do some exercise.


Camera+: I use the iPhone alot to take photos.  This app just gives you a few more options than the standard camera on your phone and it includes filters.


Event Cinemas: So easy to use to find out movie times and buy tickets.


Food Swtich: When you are grocery shopping you use this app to scan a product and then it will suggest a healthier alternative.


Aldi: I quite looking ahead to see what Aldi has on sale each week.


iTorch: I use this app every night when I turn off the lights and head to bed.


What are your favourite iPhone apps?


One Response to “I PHONE APPS”

  1. Anne-Maree d 17/12/2012 at 11:00 PM #

    I’m loving ‘Genius scan’ for a mobile scanning device…..excellent! Best used with iPhone 5 for resolution, but works with iPad 2.

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