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Wordless Wednesday – Teacher Humor

30 Jan

I have already admitted to you that I am addicted to the someecards.

With the new school year beginning this week here are 5 of my favourites for teachers. I found them all on pinterest.






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Mosquito Net Craft – Reading Corner

29 Jan

To create a reading corner zone in my classroom I wanted to use a mosquito net to define the area and so the area would still be visible for me to see what was going on in there!

After endless searching I was unable to find a red one – which is the colour I was looking for. So I enlisted the help of my very crafty mum to help me make one.

All you need area few metres of netting and a hula hoop.


I couldn’t find a red hula hoop and was going to spray paint it red until mum suggested we cover it with ribbon – much easier!

IMG_0512 The slightly tricky part was sewing the netting onto the hoop.


I then tied 4 pieces of ribbon onto the hoop and hung it up in my classroom.


I’m pretty happy with how the reading corner looks. My mum also made me all the cushion covers for me as well.

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Are you ready?

28 Jan

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

I’m am very lucky to have a gentle start with only half my class turning up tomorrow.

So let’s see of I’m ready:

Classroom set up – Check


Name tags – Check


First day planned – Check

Parent note written – Check

First day of school outfit planned – Check


Gifts for my team teachers – Check


Good night sleep – ????? I NEVER sleep well the night before school starts as I have a million things running through my head.  I will be up super early and probably at school before 7 so I can triple check that I have everything ready!

Wish me luck!  Let’s hope there’s no tears.

I wrote this post early last week, since then it has been raining since I left school on Friday.  Now I have to be extra ready as it looks liked we will be having wet weather lunches this week, NO outside play and there will be mud everywhere! 

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First Day Excitement

25 Jan

Who is excited about the first day of school?

I am!

For the past two years I have been sitting in a office, a very quiet office –  staring at a computer on the first day of school – boring.

This year I am back in a school which will be buzzing with excited children, excited parents and excited teachers.

My biggest issue with the first day of school is learning all the names.

Not only do I have 24 students names to learn, but their parents and extended families, this is nearly 100 new names in one day.  And as I am at a new school this year I will already be in ‘learning name overload’ from learning all my co teachers names.

Unfortunately remembering peoples names is not my strength.  So on the first day of school I just worry about learning the kids names.  Parents names will go in one ear and out the other.  I’ll worry about them next week when I have the kids names down pat.


My students name tags are all ready to go – wish me luck with the name learning.

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Classroom Door Owls

19 Jan

I was texting a friend and she sent me a photo of the owls she had made for her classroom door.

I was instantly jealous and wanted them as well.  She told me she found them on pinterest. So naturally I pinterest stalked her boards until I found them too. I’m sure its called sharing not copying!


They were easy to make although it did take awhile to make 25 of them.

All you need are a few pieces of coloured paper, glue and scissors.


Cut out all the pieces and glue them on – simple.



I will glue the name of each child in my class in the middle of a owl and then display them on my door as a welcome sign.

Don’t they look great!

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FFS Friday – Back to School

18 Jan

Today I am trying out a FFS Friday

Basically it’s where you get to have a rant. As my brain is gearing up for the start of the school year mine is going to be about all the children starting school this year.

I have seen school shoes on sale for $6.00.  These are a great buy but if you buy them DO NOT expect them to last the year. Yes, they will eventually fall apart. DO NOT come and whine to the teacher that your child is too rough on their shoes. FFS


DO NOT buy the cheap $2 coloured pencils.  They will break and require 10 times the amount of sharpening as other pencils do – thus meaning they will be used up quicker. FFS

Buy a spare school hat.  People DO NOT steal school hats but they do get left places.  On average it takes a school hat about a week to circulate back to the owner. Buy a spare hat. FFS


Some kids eat lots at school, some kids don’t eat a thing. It is OK. Your child will not starve and NO the teacher will not sit next to your child to watch that they eat all their lunch! Let the teacher enjoy their 15min lunch break in peace! FFS

Yes, the teacher will fill up your child’s water bottle if empty, No we do not provide chilled rain water! FFS

and finally

Yes, it takes your child 30 min to pack their school bag at the end of the day, NO, the teacher will no pack it for them.  They will get quicker as the year progresses if they learn to do it themselves! FFS

Gee, that feels good to get that off my chest!

Have a great Friday!

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