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Happy Holidays

29 Mar

Happy Good Friday everyone!

Check out my stash from school yesterday. Lindt must doing very well at Easter.  The Lindt bunnies were multiplying by the second!


After my first term back in the classroom without too much stress on Thursday my voice started to fail and by Friday it was done.  Imagine have 24 excited little people in your class hyped up from Easter bunny visit and no voice! I made it through the day and today my voice is still no louder than a whisper!  Which obviously means that I need to spend today relaxing on the couch while I recuperate!

Remember Good Friday = No Meat. I have already ordered my fish and chips for dinner tonight!


Pyjama Angel

28 Mar

Some of you may know that I am a Pyjama Angel. This means that I volunteer to read with a child in foster care for 1 hour per week. The aim is to increase the literacy levels for kids in care.
On the weekend the Foundation held its first fundraising walk called The Long Road.

In Toowoomba we had 62 walkers who came to help us raise money for kids in care.
My job for the day was the registration desk. I signed the walkers in and then made sure that they returned! I have to admit that the 6.00am start on a Sunday was a little testing but it was well worth it.

So that’s my plug and I would just like to add that if you live in the Toowoomba area, there are 30 kids on the waiting list who are waiting for a Pyjama Angel. So if you have an hour a week to spare I encourage you to consider signing up!

Back Online

27 Mar

Hello…….well things have been very quiet on the blog for the past 3 weeks!


This is due to the internet at home (and landline) being out of action….thanks Telstra!

So how do you think 3 weeks without internet went? Well it was bloody frustrating!

For the past three weeks I haven’t been able to:

  • blog or read any blogs
  • record TV shows (the TBox runs through the internet)
  • download any shows that I follow from America
  • internet shop!! (I suppose this one isn’t too life threatening…)
  • browse pinterest

When I was explaining the dire situation to a friend, her reply was “Gosh, I don’t know how you’re coping I don’t think I would be able to survive”.  And I’ll admit if I didn’t have my I Phone things definitely would of been hairy!!

So now that I am back online and with school finishing tomorrow for the Easter School holidays expect to see me back posting again.

My husbands words to me this afternoon were “The internet is fixed….go blog!”.

Five For Friday – Fun Stuff

8 Mar

It’s Friday! This means it’s time for my teacher post for Five for Friday.

This is where I share five new things that happened in my classroom this week.

  1. I Pads – We started using them for my small groups in Literacy.  I have three I Pads to use in the classroom so the students used them in pairs.  I had the teacher aide supervise this group as the students are “still in training” for using the I Pads.  Hopefully in another week or two they should be able to do I Pad activities independently (well, that’s the dream at this stage!).IMG_0654
  2. The paint experience this week was Crayon Etchings.  This is when the students use crayons to colour a whole page in a rainbow style.  You then roll black paint over the top and use a paddle pop stick to etch in a picture.  They look amazing – definitely worthy to display in the classroom.Black Etchings
  3. Our handwriting practice this week consisted of using cotton buds to write the letters of the alphabet (Prep) and our word family words (Year 1).IMG_0655
  4. On the weekend my husband lowered  my whiteboard to a height that is suitable for the students to use.  Writing on the whiteboard was a very popular activity this week.IMG_0648
  5. 1 – 25 Grid – We have started timing ourselves to see how fast we can fill in the 1 – 25 floor grid. So far our fastest time is 1minute and 11 secs.


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FFS Friday – Wet Weather

8 Mar

Today I am trying out another FFS Friday

Basically it’s where you get to have a rant. This week it is about the ongoing wet weather we are experiencing!

As a teacher two weeks of wet weather can pretty much do your head in!!

When it rains at school there is no outside time or lunch play. FFS

This equals no lunch break for the teacher. FFS

No outside play equals children climbing the walls. FFS

 My class is unable to visit the school library without walking in the rain. FFS

Due to the position of my classroom we are also unable to walk to the music room or sports pavilion without walking in the rain or across the wet oval. FFS

Rain = Puddles = Wet Children FFS

I spend the day with wet feet and frizzy hair. FFS

Bring back the sunshine please!!

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Wordless Wednesday – Social Networking

6 Mar

Yes it’s another Wordless Wednesday post featuring the someecards (I told you I was addicted).

This weeks topic is social networking.

 I found them all on pinterest.





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Social Media Bickering

5 Mar

So, I am reality new to twitter – I’ve only been on board for about a year now.


I really like a good short, sharp and witty tweet.

I follow a mixture of friends, celebrities and fellow bloggers.

I do get slightly annoyed with people who tweet about shows before they have been aired here in QLD (time difference issue). But I have learnt not to check twitter on Room Reveal Night (#theblock).

The part that is starting to really annoy me is the twitter bickering.  Do I really need to read people’s twitter fights? I’ll admit they can be amusing and I may have just read one out aloud to my husband, laughing at the them but is twitter really the place for it?

Tonight people were on fire! What I find the most amusing is that people respond to sarcastic, unfriendly tweets.  I think that if someone replies to your tweet in an unfriendly way your best response is……………… do nothing at all.

Check me out on twitter @marleisaconnors

I promise I won’t start a fight with you 🙂 !

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