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What’s in a name?

30 Apr

I’ve just had a conversation with someone about my unusual name – for about the millionth time in my lifetime!

My name is MARLEISA (Mar/leisa).


The name is German and it means Mary Magdalene (well so I have been told).

At the time my mum was pregnant with me my Uncle was dating a German girl and it was her name.  She suggested to my parents to  alter the original spelling (I am unsure as to what the original spelling was) as she had found people in Australia had trouble pronouncing her name.

This did not work!

People still can not pronounce or spell it! My hairdresser of 4 years honestly thinks my name is Melissa.  Now when she calls me that I just smile back to her (we are past the point of correction).

Although there is an aura of coolness over having a name that is not all that common. People always comment about it and ask about its origin (well if it’s not my name they ask about it will be my red hair – it seems I have lots of questionable qualities)

So here is my pro/con list on having an unusual name.

PRO – so so easy to get an uncomplicated email address (marleisa@hotmail). No underscore or year of birth needed for me. This is also applicable for twitter/instagram/facebook/blog etc.

CON – I’ve never ever been able to find anything with my name on it (when I was a kid I would of given anything to have a pen with my name on it!)

PRO – I am unique – I can’t be mixed up with the other Marleisas around the place.

CON – People never know how to say it.  I think people look at the first and last letter and predict the middle.  I often get Melissa or Melinda.  I ordered a hot chocolate at a café one day (a place where you give your name and they call it out when it’s ready). The lady was calling out “Melinda, Melinda”. I was standing there waiting until a friend nudged me and said I think that’s you!

PRO – It’s a good conversation starter.  People always want to know the story behind the name.

CON – It is always spelt incorrectly. People seem to like to double the L and S or forget the E (Marlleisa/Marleissa/Marlisa).

So what do you think………is having an unusual name worth it?




Five For Friday – Term 2

26 Apr

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

The five new things in my classroom this week were.

  1. Marble Painting was this weeks painting experience.  They look fantastic! Most kids were able to the keep the marbles in the container.IMG_1039[1]
  2. All About Me Bags – For history term we are looking at the students own personal history (yep their whole 5 years!).  Students had to bring 8 items in their All About Me Bags.  We will use these items for Show and Share and our history lessons (I believe the saying is killing two birds with one stone with this one!) We are going to use our I Pads to make short movies about our personal histories using these items.Bag
  3. Anzac Day – We read stories, made poppies, made a wreath, attended an ANZAC day service and made Anzac biscuits to celebrate this special day!IMG_1045[1]
  4. New Equipment – Check out our new outdoor equipment.  We LOVE it!22April 001
  5. Yes/No – This week we started our daily Yes/No question.IMG_1047Five_for_FridayToday I am linking up with FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY


My trip to Turkey

25 Apr

In 2007 my Mum and I went to Turkey.  We did many things while we were there (the story of the Turkish Bath is one for another day!) but we did include a two day today tour to Gallipoli in our itinerary.

VietnamCambodiaLaos 045

The tour bus was full of Australians.  We ranged in age from young backpackers to older Australians who were doing a once in a lifetime trip. One gorgeous man wore his Dad’s war medals the whole time we were there.  He was on his way home from a 12 week world trip and had carried them with him the whole way!

The one thing we all had in common was RESPECT.  We were all on awe of the beauty of the place and somber and respectful of the history that it held.

VietnamCambodiaLaos 031

(I may or may not have a pebble from ANZAC Cove)

As a teacher I always read the story of Simpson and his Donkey to my class.  You can imagine how honored I felt to see his grave.

VietnamCambodiaLaos 048

One thing I noticed as I walked around looking at the tombstones was how young they all were.  Some really were babies! Such brave young men.

We had a young man on our bus who wanted to find the grave of his Grandmother’s brother.  The cemetery where he was buried was not on our itinerary but everyone on the bus agreed that we should visit it.  Can you imagine of bus full of Australians being dropped of at a cemetery walking up and down looking for a grave of man none of us knew!  We searched until it was found, rubbed sand into the writing to make it stand out better for photos and all paid our respect to this brave young man.

VietnamCambodiaLaos 044

We saw the famous statue.  It is HUGE!

VietnamCambodiaLaos 049

I was surprised to see the trenches still visible.  ANZAC Cove is a scenic, serene place which is kept perfectly manicured.  Seeing the trenches really bought home what happened there.

VietnamCambodiaLaos 058

Since returning my husband has now said that he would like to go to Gallopli (I did this trip with my Mum during my husbands “I don’t travel” time of his life).  So, going back to Gallpoli for an ANZAC day service is another thing that has been added to my bucket list.

Wordless Wednesday – The Weekend

24 Apr

Today is Wordless Wednesday!

 This is what my weekend looked like according to instagram.  It involved wine, tuppeware, work, some baking and a walk!



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Google or YouTube?

23 Apr

When looking/researching something on the internet what is your preferred search engine Google or YouTube?


I ‘ll admit that I go to Google, apparently that however is “old school”.

The younger generation all head to YouTube.  Why you ask? Because it is easier to “watch” how to do something rather than “read” how to do something.


When you think about, they are right.  It is easier to learn something when you see it action.

So lately I have been trying to play the younger generations game by searching for things on YouTube.

 I’ve searched:

Hair and Make up Tutorials

Painting tips


Cleaning tips

“How To” computer guides

My husband also spends hours on YouTube watching stupid (supposedly funny) clips.

I am pretty impressed with what you can find.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on YouTube?

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Wordless Wednesday – More Teacher Humor

17 Apr

I have done a previous post on Teacher Humor using the somecards.

With the start of a new term this week I thought I would share a few more with you.  I found them all on pinterest (where would I be without pinterest?).






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Don’t you just love lnnocence?

16 Apr

Today at school we had a storm.  This is not unusual but the way it started was.

My class was out in the playground for our “Outdoor” time session.  I was with a group of kids near the sandpit purchasing an ice cream from the Cold Rock shop (as you do!), when a huge clap of thunder occurred.  My entire class (all 24 of them) stopped what they were doing and ran over to the classroom with a few even screaming.  I was left standing with my “sand” ice cream alone in the playground.

The rain then followed so we packed up and went inside.  As we assembled on the carpet I heard murmurs of “bumping clouds”, “God was angry” and even “giants”. After listening I thought it might best to have a discussion on thunder before we started our next session.


I asked the class if they knew what made thunder.  One little girl raised her hand and said she knew.  She then came up front and went into a great spiel about when the sky becomes crowded with clouds their edges sometimes touch each other which is what makes the thunder noise.  There were a few other nods of agreement from other students in the class, so we decided that it must be what happens.

I do believe I had a smile on my face during this discussion and it made me think that the kids I teach really are sweet and innocent, lucky them!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about what makes thunder?

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