Under 8’s Week

25 May

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week was super BUSY!!

We had:

  • Run offs for the sports carnival
  • Choir practice for the Eisteddfod this weekend
  • School Photo’s
  • We filmed our documentary for History
  • Typed up our prayer for our Prayer Books we are making
  • AND had UNDER 8’s DAY

Check out a few of the activities we set up for this special day.

  1. Cloud Dough –  This was easy to make, just flour and oil (8:1 ratio)IMG_1376
  2. Coloured Rice – 10 Kgs of coloured rice and a few drops of food colouring made this!IMG_1377
  3. Icing Biscuits – this activity was a hit!!Biscuits
  4. Pasta Necklaces – Always a popular activity.IMG_1378
  5. Bubble Blowing this activity was good to burn off the sugar from the iced biscuits!BubblesFive_for_FridayToday I am linking up with FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY

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