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The Interviews

28 Jun

Last Thursday night we had parent/teacher interviews.

22 interviews back to back – it was frantic! (I really hope I was talking about the right child to the right parents).

The set up was similar to speed dating (not that I’ve ever been) with every teacher at a table and a bell going every 10 minutes signaling time to move on!

It was interesting to hear from parents what they perceived their child’s day at school to be like and I did notice similar messages coming from the parents.

1.     I had about 10 parents admit to never filling in the home reading book (which is fine as I never pay too much attention to them anyway as I am not grading the parents on doing homework!).

2.    They (the students) remember everything you say and often “quote” you at home.  This one scares me! I say a million things in a day…..I wonder which ones they are remembering!!

3.    Many parents wanted to know what they can do to help.  This one was easy to answer READ AND TALK, that’s all you need to do.  Read to your child every day and talk talk talk to your child about everything!!

4.    The Prep parents were sick of rhyming words (we are good at rhyming 🙂 ).

5.    I had one parent ask for MORE homework! (trust me people, more homework is NOT the answer for academic success!)

Overall I was really happy with the interviews and while it made it a BIG night doing them all at once, I did like getting them over with and not stretching them out over a week.

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Pale or Porcelain

26 Jun

Being a natural red head with accompanying fair skin and freckles this someecard was made for me!


I hope everyone is loving the school holidays as much as I am!

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Oh….. to be on holidays

25 Jun

It’s the phrase all teachers loath to hear “Oh, it must be nice to have two weeks off!”.

Well yes it is but rest assured I will not be spending the next two weeks lying on my couch.

Over the next two weeks I have to:

  • go to the dentist
  • get my car serviced
  • visit the hairdressers
  • have a facial
  • go to the chiropractor
  • read a book for book club
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Things my class LOVE to do

21 Jun

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week I am sharing with you 5 things that my class LOVES to do.

  1. Marbles – I have had this container of marbles for 10 years.  It has been on a shelf in every classroom I have every taught in.  Previous classes have barely given this container a sideways glance.  However my class this year is obsessed with them!! Not a day passes without someone pulling them out to play with them.IMG_1471[1]
  2. Dead Fish – Everyday my class asks me if they can play dead fish.  In my opinion it would have to be one of the most boring games ever but not in the eyes of my class.  For those of you who don’t know how to play let me enlighten you.  Students lie on the ground and pretend to be dead.  If you move, twitch, wriggle etc you are out.  The person who can stay still the longest is the winner.  (I know it sounds strange but it is a really good way to calm kids down in they are a bit hyper!).IMG_1473[1]
  3. Best Tidier Balloon – Every day I give out a balloon to the student who is the best tidier after inside time.  It is such a BIG deal – you would think I was handing out $100 notes rather than just a balloon (oh it does get a funny face drawn on it too).IMG_1466[1]
  4. Comprehension Beach Ball – Every day after our story I choose three students to pick a comprehension question off the beach ball to answer.  It is a BIG deal to get the ball thrown to you. IMG_1464[1]

5. iPads – My class just love the four iPads we have.  We use them for literacy and maths small groups as well as an option during inside inquiry time.  I amazed that the novelty has not worn of yet (I even had tears yesterday because someone didn’t get a turn!).IMG_0654Five_for_Friday

Happy Holidays!

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Calories and Exercise Funnies

19 Jun

I finished my report cards last week so I rewarded myself with a weekend of doing nothing.

I had a marathon viewing of Grand Designs and spent some time on Pinterest.

At the moment I am trying to be really good with food and exercise and I’m sure pinterest was trying to weaken me.

Check out the somecards I found on the topic of diet and exercise.

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Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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The Sports Carnival

18 Jun

Yesterday was every teachers favourite day of the year.


When it comes to a sports carnival it comes with associated Murphy Laws.

  1. It will, with out fail, be a cold windy day.
  2. You will come home with dirt embedded in your clothes, hair and skin (I don’t know how PE teachers do it!).
  3. Kids will cry because a) they don’t want to run b) they didn’t win or c) they would prefer to sit with Mum rather than stay with their group.
  4. Pretty much all of your class will leave when their events are finished except for 3 students who you don’t know what to do with and have to babysit for the rest of the day.
  5. It will make any teacher, even if they never drink – want a beer at the end of the day.


I dare you……..tell me what you LOVE about Sports Carnivals.

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My Class’s YouTube Favourites

14 Jun

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

I love the interactive whiteboard that I have in my classroom. I would be lost without it.

This week I am sharing 5 Youtube videos that I use in my classroom.

Counting down from 20 Song by Have Fun Teaching – My class loves this song, they sing and dance their hearts out to this one!

Alphabet Songs by Have Fun Teaching – There is a song for every letter of the alphabet (all to the same tune).  The students love these songs and I like how they cover all the sounds that a letter can make.

The Magic School Bus – No matter what the topic – you can bet that there will be a Magic School Bus episode on the topic.

Days of the Week rap – We sing this every morning.  The kids sing it and pretend to be rappers at the same time.


Adventure to Fitness – This is a life saver on wet weather days.  A short 3 min video to get kids moving and burn off some energy!

Let me know what are your classes favourite clips.

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