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How are we teaching?

31 Jul

This is one of my favourite “teacher” quotes.


Tell me………. what do you think?

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Royal Fever and the Chicken Pox

26 Jul

Hello Everyone 🙂

 I know it’s Friday and I usually do a teacher wrap up post for the week but this week it’s just not going to happen.

I have been sick all week (this is easily confirmed by the fact that my bed and couch are covered in tissues) and I’m too tired to think.  I have been going to bed at 8.30pm every night but not sleeping very well (this can happen when you can’t breathe through your nose!).

I have managed to make it to school every day this week and we have worked hard.

Here is a snap I took yesterday afternoon where some of my Prep girls were channeling their inner princess – Royal fever hit my room this week (as well as a Chicken Pox outbreak !!!!).

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Who is googling me?

24 Jul

I am always intrigued by people who find my blog via google searches.

However I am always freaked out when people find my blog because they have googled my name. I have blogged before here about having an unusual name so I hardly think it’s a coincidence.  This happens at least once a week.


Seriously who is googling me????????

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10 Things I’ve Learnt from Teaching

23 Jul

Today I am joining in the 10 Things I’ve Learned from Teaching party being hosted by Miss Kindergarten


Here are my 10!

  1. Every teacher must own a laminator (and shares in the company that makes laminating sheets).
  2. You can train your body to hold on all day and wait to go to the toilet until after 3.00pm.
  3. Never ever tie up boys shoelaces!
  4. Kids will call you Mum (not looking forward to the day when they slip out with Grandma though!).
  5. It will be quicker for you to pack all 24 school bags of your students in the afternoon than it is for the students to pack up their own.
  6. There will always be one child who is late, every single day!
  7. Students will notice your toe nail polish, run their hands over your stockings and tell you when your legs are hairy.
  8. Students will make you laugh…………every single day.
  9. A story read aloud can make every single student – quiet!
  10. A teachers job is never done! There is always planning to do, resources to make, assessment to be done  and more.

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Naidoc Week

19 Jul

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had a “Naidoc Week” focus.  We read many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and watched videos of traditional Aboriginal dance and music.

  1. Aboriginal Flag – This week we made flags using crepe paper squares.IMG_1742[1]
  2. Aboriginal Art – We weaved and made these beautiful pieces of art using feathers, leaves and shells.IMG_1741[1]
  3. Aboriginal Cave Drawings  – Our last art piece was making our own Aboriginal Cave drawings.cave drawings
  4. Good Choice Grid – This has been a huge hit this week! When I see students making a good choice they get to write their name in a square. When the grid is full I pull an coordinate out of a hat and the child’s whose name is in the square wins a prize.IMG_1739[1]
  5. Function Machine– This week was “Function Machine” week.  The students had a great time inventing noises for the machine to make.IMG_1737[1]

Enjoy the weekend!

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Holiday Countdown

17 Jul

Next school holidays I am off to Singapore.  I gave my husband tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix for Christmas (Yes, that does make me awesome!).

So now that we are getting closer I thought I would start the good ole holiday countdown.

Naturally I found an app that would do that for me!  Countdown – it was a free!


You just add the details of the event into the app and it works it all out for you.

You can even add a photo.


As you can see the holiday is no exactly close but also not THAT far away!

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Old Age

16 Jul

I have noticed a few things since I entered the dreaded 30’s a few years ago.

There have been signs that are indicating that I am starting to
“get on in age”.

  1. I now only buy multigrain bread.  Actually now I look for multigrain bread made with wholemeal flour. Seriously, when I was in my 20’s it was white bread all the way!bread
  2. I cook brown rice.  At home when a recipe requires rice I use brown rice.  If I’m out at the local Thai restaurant for dinner I still eat white rice but at home it’s more the sensible rice choice.
  3. My knee creak! Seriously creak. Lucky the music at the gym is up high so when I squat you can’t hear the noise they make (I am currently doing the Lorna Jane squat challenge and last night my knees did not enjoy the 110 squats!).
  4. My husband tells me when we are low in fruit.  10 years ago he never ate fruit now the amount we eat each week grows each month!
  5. If I drink (stuff that is NOT water) I NEED to eat.  The phrase “eatings cheating” means something different to me now.  It means I will be sick sick sick unless I eat something to soak up the bottle (or two) of wine.

Tell me what are your “signs” of ageing?

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