Royal Fever and the Chicken Pox

26 Jul

Hello Everyone 🙂

 I know it’s Friday and I usually do a teacher wrap up post for the week but this week it’s just not going to happen.

I have been sick all week (this is easily confirmed by the fact that my bed and couch are covered in tissues) and I’m too tired to think.  I have been going to bed at 8.30pm every night but not sleeping very well (this can happen when you can’t breathe through your nose!).

I have managed to make it to school every day this week and we have worked hard.

Here is a snap I took yesterday afternoon where some of my Prep girls were channeling their inner princess – Royal fever hit my room this week (as well as a Chicken Pox outbreak !!!!).

Today I am linking up with FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY


One Response to “Royal Fever and the Chicken Pox”

  1. hikerjules 26/07/2013 at 10:39 PM #

    Chicken pox was here in Perth too, most of the kids were immunised and still got it. Hope your all better now.

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