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Father’s Day

31 Aug

We have had a Father’s Day blitz this week.

We made these totally goregous Father’s Day cards.  They look great and were really easy!!


We made ties for our Dads to wear during our Father’s Day Breakfast.


We bought presents from the Father’s Day stall and made Rocky Road.  We painted wrapping paper and wrapped our presents all ready for Dad.


After our Father’s Breakfast we had a building challenge.

IMG_2004Each pair was given 20 marshmallows and 50 pasta sticks. The aim was to build the tallest structure that could stand up without assistance.

IMG_1999They spent 15 minutes concentrating very hard (and trying to stop the kids from eating the marshmallows!).

Fathers Day 081Fathers Day 079

The winner built a structure that was 106cm tall!

Wishing all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day!


Teddy Bear Picnic

30 Aug

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

I think I can safely declare that this has been the BIGGEST week of the year.

I am exhausted and I feel like I have spent the whole week running.  One of our big events for the week was our Teddy Bears Picnic.

The students had a great day. Here is a little bit of what we go up to!

  1. Bear Prints – A eyeliner pencil was used to draw small prints on our cheeks or hands!IMG_1988
  2. Bear Maths – We measured, compared and sorted out bears.IMG_1990IMG_1989
  3. Bear Masks – We made Bear masks!IMG_1992
  4. Bear Songs and Books – We read the Book: We’re going on a Bear Hunt and sang the Teddy bears Picnic song.Bear_Hunt
  5. Picnic– I walked my class down to Queens Park for a picnic lunch.  We took the parachute with us and tried our best to get our Bears to fly!Picnic

I even brought my teddy to school too (I had to dig very deep in a box to find her!)

Fathers Day 038

Have a great weekend.

I am going to see Grease the musical – can’t wait!!

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Book Week

23 Aug

Welcome to Book Week. I’m sure everyone has enjoyed making their (or their child’s) Book Week costumes this week (wink wink).

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

  1. Book Character Parade – The theme this year is “Read Across the Universe”.  In keeping with the theme all the teachers from school came dressed as Astronauts or Aliens. (I look stunning – I know :))Astronaunt
  2. Possum Magic – On Tuesday we took all the Prep/Year 1’s/Year 2’s and Year 3’s to the Empire Theatre to see the production of Possum Magic. It was fantastic! (although I’m pretty sure some of the kids got more of a kick out of the bus trip than the show!).IMG_1959
  3. New Seats- Our new seats for the under cover area finally arrived. We are so excited that we no longer need to sit on the ground to eat our lunch!seat
  4. Letter Writing – As a result of our class post office we have been writing lots letters this week! The joy of finding a letter in your mail box can not be described!IMG_1960[1]
  5. Maths in play– One of the things I love to see the most in my classroom is when students take what we do in our direct teaching lessons and transfer it across to their play.  This little girl wrote down all the number in the 2’s even counting pattern from 2- 100 during her outside play this week. LOVE IT!IMG_1477

I hope everyone has had a great week.

The chicken pox has hit my classroom again this week (I had 9 students away on Thursday -unbelievable!).

See you next week 🙂

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Hump Week

16 Aug

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

Yes, in the teaching world this was hump week – AKA middle week of term.  We have another 5 weeks to go and we are busy busy.  I honestly felt like I have been running all week.

Next week is “Book Week” and I have prepared an “Out of this World” costume to wear.  All will be revealed next week in my weekly wrap up!

Here is what happened in my crazy room this week:

  1. Pinwheels – We were looking at the wind this week in Science so we made pinwheels.   pinwheels
  2. Blot Painting – This week our painting experience was blot painting. I love how amazed the students were when they opened the paper up to reveal the image.IMG_1940[1]IMG_1941[1]
  3. Post Office – I’m not sure where it came from but this week some of the students started playing “The Post Office” during inside time.  Therefore we now have a class mail box.IMG_1942[1]
  4. Individual Letter Boxes – Small projects often turn into class projects in the Early Years.  We started to encounter problems with our class mail box (i.e. mail not named, people in the class with the same last name etc).  When we were discussing how we could solve these problems it was decided that we should each have our own letter box.  This way we post our mail in the large class mail box and then each day two “chosen” postman will deliver the mail to our individual letter boxes.IMG_1943[1]
  5. Reading– We are moving along like wild fire in our reading at the moment. Check out these two Preppies reading to each other, not because I asked them to, just because they could!!IMG_1939[1]

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Languages and Cultures Festival

11 Aug

This week on my afternoon walk I noticed this sign advertising the Languages and Cultures Festival in Queens Park on Sunday.

After some convincing I managed to talk my husband into walking down to the park to take a look with me (I had to promise him lunch!


The festival was busy and buzzing with people who were wearing their traditional dress.

For lunch we stopped at the Hungarian Langos stall.



We then checked out the Health Expo tent, Information and Multi-faith tent and the Activities and Languages tent and watched a few dance displays.

My husband was hungry again so he went back to the food stalls to buy himself a Gourmet Sausage.


By then we were done so we headed home.

We could of stayed longer but it was so so hot and my lovely fair skin had definitely seen enough sun for the day.

This is the 8th year the festival has been held in Toowoomba and it was really worth going to.  We weren’t overly adventurous with our food choices, I think next year we will need to be braver and try something really different!

Health Week

10 Aug

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had the Healthy Harrod Van visit school. Each class went to the van to have a session about ways we can keep ourselves healthy. Therefore being healthy was a hot topic this week.

  1. Healthy Harrod Van IMG_1892[1]
  2. New IPad Cases – Our IPads got these super new cases this week.  They will supposedly bounce if dropped (thankfully they are yet to be tested!).IMG_1908[1]
  3. Cloud Art – We have been doing a science unit focusing on the weather this term.  This week we looked at the clouds and made these cloud art works (it was a great way to use up the hundreds of packets of cotton wool we have!).IMG_1907[1]
  4. Bubbles – We had a couple of really windy days this week so we got out the bubbles makers and burnt of some energy running around making bubbles during our Outside Time (Sorry I was having too much fun making bubbles that I forgot to take a photo!).
  5. Straw painting– This week our paint experience was straw painting. They look great!IMG_1888[1]IMG_1906[1]Well that sums up another busy week in Prep/One!

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Excited Much

7 Aug

On Friday I went to see my lovely travel agent Sue.

I picked up my tickets and itinerary for Singapore (5 weeks to go!).


and I booked our cabin for the Christmas Cruise.


Not sure which one I’m more excited about!!

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