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Playground Revamp

14 Sep

Welcome to another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

This week has been loooooong.  Some weeks seem longer than others and this one went forever. It may be because I just want to be sitting on the plane flying off on holidays.  Have I mentioned that 11 weeks terms are too long, especially for little people (and their teachers).

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post (I’m a tad late and am posting this on a Saturday!).

  1. Foam Prints – This week our paint experience were foam prints.  Some students really took their time, thinking about which colours to use and making patterns on the paper.IMG_2086[1]IMG_2092[1]
  2. Readers Cup: This Monday is our school Readers Cup.  We have read, reread, discussed and analysed the book: Fearless.  Fingers crossed we can answer the questions (and I will be relieved to not have to read this book again for awhile!).Fearless
  3. Inside Time – I love watching and listening to the students during inside time. It’s when you really discover just what they know and understand.  Check out this conveyor belt that some students made this week!IMG_1968[1]
  4. A Picnic Table – We ordered a picnic table for a “dead spot” in our playground.  We are hoping that the students will use it a lunch time and that we can also use it as a outdoor teaching area during small group time.  It has been a hit so far!IMG_2103[1]
  5. Playground Revamp- On Friday we had a lovely group of Mums paint a counting snake, hopscotch and handball court on our cement area.  It looks fantastic and the students are just busting to play on them.IMG_2101[1]

Well that’s a wrap for Term 3 (I won’t be posting next week as I’ll be too busy packing my bags!).

See you all next term.

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This weeks a wrap!

6 Sep

Welcome to yet another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

We have had a writing overload this week – we have written letters to our Grandparents and written descriptions about our teddy bears.

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

  1. Slime – It had been awhile since we had a messy activity in Prep/One, so this week we got out the lux flakes and made slime.IMG_2041
  2. Leaf Prints – Our painting experience this week was Leaf Prints.Leaf prints
  3. Letter Writing- This week we wrote letters to our Grandparents (we have our fingers crossed that they write back!). Luckily we have a post box just across the road from school, we even  walked over and posted them ourselves.IMG_2044posting
  4. A Real Life illustrator – This week we were very lucky to have a school visit by Sarah Davis.  She is an illustrator and spoke to the students about what the job of an illustrator entails. She was very interesting to listen too and gave us a few drawing tips too.DSC01069
  5. Teddy Bear Display– As a follow up from our Teddy Bear Picnic last week we wrote descriptions about our bears.  We even did a good copy so we could put our writing and photos on the display board outside our classroom (sorry the photo is a bit dodgy).IMG_2054[1]

I hope everyone has had a great week.  It will be my husband’s birthday this weekend.  I am very excited about his present. I’ve had it wrapped for a few weeks now.  I hope he likes it, if not I’ll use it 🙂

See you next week 🙂

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