A “Fortnights” Wrap Up

18 Oct

Welcome Back to Term 2!

I didn’t post last Friday so this Five for Friday teacher post is for the past two weeks.

  1. The Brisbane Broncos – We had the Broncos come and visit our school (on the very first day of term). One of the little girls in my class even had her photo in the local paper with them!IMG_2337
  2. Bunnings: Our local Bunnings store came to school to do a wood workshop with us. I wrote about it here if you want more details.IMG_2361
  3. Foamy Stuff – I’m not quite sure what the ‘offical’ name of this stuff is but I mixed shaving cream and cornflour together to make this thick foam stuff.  I also added food colour to make it more interesting.IMG_2345
  4. Fire Visit – This week we have the Fire Fighters return for their follow up visit with us.  This time they brought their truck with them.IMG_2415
  5. Paper Mache’- Every morning this week we have been elbow deep in paper mache’.  Thank goodness for the lovely mothers and grandmothers that have stopped by to help us.  We are making animal sculptures for the school art show.  This project is massive and I’m pretty sure I will be doing a whole blog post just on them when they are finished!IMG_2408

See you all next week.

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One Response to “A “Fortnights” Wrap Up”

  1. Have a laugh on me 20/10/2013 at 10:01 PM #

    Bless you are rocking that red girl!! And with the firies and all 🙂

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