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Christmas has begun

29 Nov

Welcome to another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

This week we started celebrating Christmas!

The candy canes and christmas cards have started to trickle in and we have spent most of the week in intense rehearsals for our nativity play next week (wish us luck for the dress rehearsal today!)

Here is this weeks Five for Friday post.

  1. Christmas Decoration – This week I brought my 2 boxes of Christmas stuff to school and the students helped me decorate the room.  I always keep all the decorations that the kids have given me over the years to put on the Christmas tree in my classroom. It was nice remembering them all this week!IMG_2722
  2. Postcard: This week we wrote Santa a postcard.  We have a post box over the road from school, so we walked on over and posted them!IMG_2732IMG_2736
  3. Hand Print Angels – Our painting experience this week was “Finger Painting”.  We made these cute hand print angels.IMG_2737IMG_2755
  4. Candy Cane Mice – This week we had a final Big Buddy session for the year.  We made these cute candy cane mice as a thank you gift for our buddies.IMG_2753
  5. Letters to Santa – As well as the postcard, we also wrote Santa a letter.  I did giggle at the little girl in my class who wrote to Santa and asked for a box of chocolate for Christmas!  We made a second trip to the post box to post them on Thursday.IMG_2761IMG_2765

Well that’s a wrap for another week.  See you next week for my last Five for Friday post for the year!

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A quick Xmas Tree Craft

27 Nov

Are you looking for a quick and cheap Christmas tree craft?

Well I have one for you!

I made it with my class yesterday.

All you need is green card (or paper) and glitter!

Cut the card into triangle shapes and let the students to decorate them.


When dry, blu tac the triangles in a zigzag pattern to create a triangle tree shape on the door or wall.


Add a star to the stop and you are done!


My apologies for the terrible photo – but I put my tree onto a glass door which is not great for photo taking!!

Chocolate Flowers

26 Nov

It’s that time of term where the small group activities in my classroom are coming to an end.  I always like to give my parent helpers a small gift to say thank you for helping (and to bribe them so they will come back again!).

This time I am making chocolate flowers for them.

To make these you need chocolate (in ball shape), tissue paper and a skewer)

IMG_2726You just poke them through and tie them off with a bread tie.


I then wrapped the flowers in some brown paper and a paper doily.



I think they look pretty cute and I love how quick and easy they were to make!

Nearly There

22 Nov

Welcome to another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

You may have noticed that my usual Five for Friday teacher post was MIA last week.  That’s because I was buried deep under report cards and compiling class lists.  The stress levels are high in schools at the moment.  We only have 2 week of school left for the year! I can’t believe it! And while I am looking forward to a holidays (particularly my xmas cruise), I am also feeling sad that I only have 2 weeks left with the gorgeous kids in my class.  I have a fabulous class who have just been delightful to teach.  So with report cards due in today and these horrid class lists done, I now have 2 weeks left to enjoy working with them!

Here is this weeks Five for Friday post.

  1. Demonstration Week – This week for Show and Share the students demonstrated how to do something.  We had everything from paper plane making, cake decorating and pop corn making (actually pop corn making was showcased 4 times!!!).demonstration
  2. Goop: I love making this goop mix. It’s just cornflour, water and food colour.IMG_2668
  3. Grid Directions – This week we looked at Postion and Direction in maths. The kiddies wrote their own instruction on how to get through the grid. Don’t you love these kids checking that their instructions are correct!IMG_2689
  4. Explain Everything App – This week we have been playing around with the “Explain Everything” app – making short videos as part of our Geography unit.Explain_everything
  5. Christmas Play – Rehearsals are well underway for our Christmas play.  My class needs to dress as a Roman Soldier! (Good Luck with that parents :))Roman_Soldier

Well that’s a wrap for another week.

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Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia

19 Nov

I am doing a cooking class (yes KB, a cooking class!).

The Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food Cooking course to be exact.

The Jamie’s Ministry of Food mobile truck that has been located in Queen’s Park Toowoomba for the past 13 weeks.  It contains a purpose built, fully equipped kitchen classroom.


The course goes for 5 weeks  (1 x 90 min lesson per week) and only costs $50 (the cost is subsidised by the government).  There are 12 participants per class.

It aims to give as many people as possible the tools and information they need to be able to make better food choices, to help  ensure healthier and happier communities.  The tagline for this course states “Anyone can learn to Cook” – so fingers crossed!!!

The Mobile Kitchen is headed to Nanago next. Check out the website to see if it’s coming your way next year.


If you live in Ipswich or Geelong you don’t have to wait for the truck to visit, you have a permanent centre in your town!


13 Nov

Welcome to Wordless Wesnesday.

Warning: Teacher Rant 🙂

My stress levels are slightly higher than normal this week due to report cards!

I was going to spend last weekend doing them but instead I cleaned out my fridge (seriously I will do anything to avoid them!!)


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We Remember

12 Nov

Last year my husband and I took ourselves on a road trip from Toowoomba to Canberra – stopping at a few places along the way.

While we were in Canberra we visited the Australian War memorial.


We were amazed with the place.  We didn’t expect the collection to be so big and detailed.


We did one of the daily free tours and were truly amazed by the artefacts that were on display.


Yesterday for Rememberance Day I tried to get my class to realise how lucky we are to live in Australia and how respectful we need to be to our serviceman.

We made poppies to wear.


And had a prayer circle that incorporated our minutes silence and the playing of the last post.


Lest we forget.