Pet Week

8 Nov

Welcome to another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

This week was Pet Week! Yes, you heard it right – Pet week!  A big thank you to the parents that were able to bring the pets to school for us to see and most importantly pat!

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

  1. Water Play – The weather has been beautiful this week so we got out the tubs and did water play as part of our outside time.IMG_2537
  2. What am I?: Because of our recent interest in animals (due to our  paper mache’ animals and pet week) we have been writing What am I’s?  This week the students typed them up and we put them on display for the parents to see.IMG_2574
  3. Car Track Painting – This week we got out the toy cars and painted with them.IMG_2493
  4. Melbourne Cup Celebrations – We celebrated the Melbourne Cup in style this week. You can read about it here.IMG_2559
  5. Pets – This week we have had dogs, chooks and birds visit out classroom.  I was amazed at two poodles that went to the hairdressers prior to coming to school. They had bows in their hair and smelt better than I did (apparently they go every 6 weeks!).  We also made a graph of each animal throughout the week as each child did their Show and Share presentation.  The most common pet was………..dogs.IMG_2585IMG_2542

Well that’s another week all wrapped up. See you all next week!

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