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Christmas Wrappings

18 Dec

On the weekend I was at the markets and came upon this cute stall called Threefold.

They were selling handmade paper products.

I bought a few items to use on some Christmas presents I hadn’t wrapped yet.  This is how they turned out.


IMG_2938How great do they look?

You can visit the Threefold facebook page here if you want to check out more of their stuff.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Christmas Questionnaire

13 Dec

Christmas Questionnaire

Lauren from Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep inspired me to participate in the Christmas Questionnaire hosted by Michelle from Fabulous in First (both of these ladies are teacher bloggers too!).


So here goes!

Hot Chocolate of Eggnog?

So most of you know that I do not drink tea or coffee (and may I add that thankfully I didn’t receive any coffee cups for Christmas from the kids this year! Win!).  In winter I will drink a hot chocolate but never in this hot weather.  As for Eggnog – I have never tried it but it will be on my list of things to do when I spend Christmas in New York in 2015 (nothing like planning ahead hey!).

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

Umm Wrap!! Who doesn’t wrap christmas presents?????

Coloured Lights or White?

Umm I’ve never actually thought about this one. I love them all!! I’m a big Christmas light person.  On one of our evening walks this week I made my husband go to the lights display in Queens Park (FYI this is the week to go – not too busy yet!!).

When do you decorate?

I usually wait until the school holidays to decorate my house for Christmas (so early December).  However this year as we will be on a Cruise Boat sipping cocktails on Christmas day I do not have a scrap of Christmas decoration up in my house.  Which was fine until I wrapped some presents last week and I had nowhere to put them!!

Real or Fake Tree?

My tree is fake and white – so not even close to real. Last year I made a tree out of sticks that I spray painted white.  I do remember as a kid we had a real tree one Christmas and it made such a mess in the house that it was never done again!


What tops your tree?

I honestly can’t remember (so it can’t be too great!).

Favourite Christmas Memories or Traditions

I love that for dinner Christmas night (like you need dinner after eating all day) we have prawns!! We sit and peel and eat (except for my husband who is allergic to shell-fish, he has a ham sandwich).

Do you remember your favourite gift as a child?

I remember thinking I was the coolest person in the world the year Santa bought me a CD player!!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

Can I say both for this one?  Something I do love though is wrapping. I go to great pains each year when deciding what theme I am going to use to wrap the presents! Last year it was brown paper and I painted red dots on it. Read about here if you like!


Candy Canes Yuck or Yum?

YUCK! I can’t stand the sugar on my teeth! I throw them straight in the bin when kids give them to me.

Favourite Christmas Movie?

I love “Four Holidays” with Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon and “The Family Stone”.


Do you shop online or in store?

All week (since I’ve been home on holidays) I have been surprised to find parcels sitting on my back deck (while my back door has been open). I have been wondering how I haven’t heard or have missed the parcel delivery man.  Well yesterday I caught him – he packed in our back driveway, walked across our backyard and left the parcel on the deck! He doesn’t even come to the front door! When I was explaining it to my husband he made some comment about how he must come here very often! AND well this week I have had at least 1 parcel delivered every day so…….I’m going to have to say online!

Photo cards, letters or store bought cards?

Ummmmm……………….none.  I don’t send out Christmas cards! Sorry people! Check facebook at Christmas for my Merry Christmas Wishes!



Candy Cane Mice

3 Dec

Last week we made Candy Cane Mice to give as a thank you gift to our Big (Year 6/7) Buddies.

I love that they are were so easy and quick to make.

All that is needed is red and green felt, googly eyes, small pom pom and a candy cane.





I love them – they have definitely been added to the list of xmas craft that I will do again!