Christmas Wrappings

18 Dec

On the weekend I was at the markets and came upon this cute stall called Threefold.

They were selling handmade paper products.

I bought a few items to use on some Christmas presents I hadn’t wrapped yet.  This is how they turned out.


IMG_2938How great do they look?

You can visit the Threefold facebook page here if you want to check out more of their stuff.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


8 Responses to “Christmas Wrappings”

  1. kewkew 18/12/2013 at 10:19 AM #

    Those are really nice yet simple. I think my favorite is the yellow one. Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me. Happy Wordless Wednesday

  2. Lizzy - Muddle-Headed Mamma 18/12/2013 at 12:10 PM #

    Such original and creative ways to wrap gifts … I’ve never seen anything quite like these before. I really like the idea of jazzing up brown paper.

  3. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors 18/12/2013 at 12:17 PM #

    I love the pompoms!

  4. minsmash 18/12/2013 at 3:55 PM #

    Gorgeous! So unique and crafty and lovely 🙂 Min xo

  5. redlandcitygirl 18/12/2013 at 8:48 PM #

    Christmas presents that look too good to be unwrapped!

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me 18/12/2013 at 9:07 PM #

    It’s nice to have something a little different than just the usual Xmas paper, very unique!

  7. Alicia 19/12/2013 at 10:30 PM #

    So simple ideas, yet they look so elegant. The wrapping is a present in itself, sure to please 🙂

  8. Trish MLDB 20/12/2013 at 9:47 AM #

    I’m in awe of your wrapping skills.

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