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We are on a roll!

15 Feb

I wrote the title “We are on a roll!” on Tuesday……….too soon. We were on a roll and then my classroom flooded on Thursday! Putting us into complete chaos and saw us spending the end of the week in a temporary classroom. It looks like we won’t be back in our classroom until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


So let’s just say we are learning how to be flexible!

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

  1. Maths Groups with Parent Helpers – This week we commenced parent helpers for maths groups.  We are still in the “training” phase and are keeping the activities pretty easy.  I have 6 small groups (4 students per group) and 6 activities for the week.  Student complete 2 activities per day for 3 days (Tues/Wed/Thurs).
  2. Big Year 7 Buddies: Excitement plus!! The students were very excited to meet their Year 7 buddy this week. Over the year they will be helping us with many activities
  3. Listening Post – This week we introduced the listening post as an activity during our inside inquiry time.  The students loved listening to stories with the headphones.IMG_3441
  4. Valentines Day Hearts – We made these cute cards for our parents for valentine’s day.  The threading around the outside proved a BIG challenge for some!  IMG_3474
  5. Eye Dropper Painting – Our painting experience this week was eye dropper painting.  The students loved experimenting with make new colours.IMG_3444

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What’s with the Animals??

8 Feb

Today is Saturday – so I’m only 1 day late with my Five for Friday teacher post!

This week we commenced our weekly Show and Share session. Each student has been given a day to present to the class.  This term there will be no set topics as the aim is to just to get the kids talking and confident in talking in front of a group.  We had some very interesting presentations this week. Everything from chickens x 2, guinea pigs, mice, cow bones, birds eggs and flubber!

So here it is……my  Five for Friday teacher post.

  1. Show and Share – Show and Share this week had a very heavy animal presence! The kids loved it – the teacher however it not really an animal person! But one thing I have learnt in the past 12 years is the my classroom is not about me!IMG_3412
  2. Star of Day: We also started our ‘Star of Day’ this week. Each morning I give the class clues to work out who our ‘Star of Day’ will be.  That student gets to wear a special badge and completes special tasks through out the day (line leader, timetable person, IWB calendar person, illustrator of our daily interactive writing etc).IMG_3410
  3. Church Visit – We visited our Parish Church this week and met our local Priest.  He showed us around the church and we took photos of all the special things we could see.  When we returned we made a card for Father Brian to thank him for teaching us about the church.IMG_3431
  4. New Mobile – People who were following along last year would remember that I have a red/white spot theme happening in my room. I recently added this paper crane mobile from threefold. Love it!IMG_3411
  5. Bubble Painting – This week our painting experience was bubble painting.  We had a big talk about blowing not sucking the paint through the straws!!  We then used the bubble paintings to make butterflies during our inside time.IMG_3432IMG_3433

Well that’s another week in my classroom! Wish us luck for next week as we start attending assembly, Year 7 buddies, maths groups with parent helpers and making our first ibook!!

Week One – 2014

1 Feb

Hello and welcome to the 2014 school year!

I have Prep/Year 1 again this year and have 11 excited Preps and 12 delightful Year 1’s in my class.  I have moved to a much bigger classroom this year and I am very excited about all my new space!

Each Friday throughout the school year I will do a  Five for Friday teacher post where I showcase 5 happenings from my classroom. I hope you enjoy seeing what we do!

  1. 100 days of school – This year we are counting up to 100 days of being at school.  I asked a parent (who I know is very arty) to make a tree for this activity.  It is the most amazing tree ever!!!IMG_3376
  2. Starting School Books: This collection of picture books has saved me this week.  They are a easy way to teach students what starting school is all about!IMG_3333
  3. Circle Time – Circle time is a great way to learn about each other. Our favourite circle time game this week was when we all closed our eyes and I covered one student with a blanket.  When we opened our eyes we had to work out who was under the blanket and remember their name. Simple but very fun!!
  4. Visual timetable – My visual timetable has saved me this week! Especially with those teary kids, it is great to be able to count how many things we have to do before we go home.  We take down each activity card as we complete each lesson. (sorry I forgot to take a photo of this!).
  5. All About Me posters – We have spent alot of time this week learning about each other (especially each others names!).  Each students made a “All About Me” poster to share with the class (this idea is stolen borrowed straight from pinterest!).IMG_3369

Well that has been my week.

I don’t know about the students but I am so so tired.  My eyes are half closed as I write this post.  I am  looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow!

Before I go, I am going to share a joke that one of my students told me this week.

Q. What did the number zero (0) say to the number eight (8).

A. Nice belt!!!

Cute hey!

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