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Handwriting Blitz Take 2

19 Mar

Last week I tried practicing our handwriting with 90 second fun activities (read about it here).

They were such a hit that I tried it again with 6 different activities.

I set up 6 activities to practice writing the letter ‘s’.  The students spent 90 seconds at each activity and then moved on to the next one.

This week’s 6 activities were:

Activity 1. Marble writing at the easel.


Activity 2. Writing using cotton tips and water paint.


Activity 3. Masking tape on the floor and using a toy car to trace the letter.


Activity 4. Writing under the table.


Activity 5.  Writing on paper using a crayon but with sand paper underneath.


Activity 6. Writing in sand on top of a mirror.


There you go…………another 6 fun and engaging handwriting activities (well as engaging as handwriting can be!!).


St Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and we had so much fun!!!

Check out what we did……..

1. Green Goop


2. Green biscuits


3. Shamrock Hats


4. Green Necklaces


5. Green painting


6. Writing prompt…….If I was a leprechaun


7. Learning the connection between the shamrock leaf and the trinity.


8. Reading the story…….The Luckiest Leprechaun.


9. Made mini books about St Patrick’s Day


Phew…….what a busy day!

Handwriting Blitz

11 Mar

Hello Blog World……..remember me!  I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front lately…..SORRY!

Last week I tried a new activity with my class.

The letter ‘a’ was our handwriting focus of the week and some of the kids were just not getting it!

At the beginning of the year the school OT suggested 90 sec handwriting activities to aid with writing, so I thought I would give them a go.

I set up 6 activities to practice writing the letter ‘a’.  The students spend 90 seconds at each activity.

Activity 1. Rainbow writing at the easel.


Activity 2. Writing in shaving cream.


Activity 3. Writing in chalk at the outdoor chalk board.


Activity 4. Writing using water and paint brushes on the cement.


Activity 5.  Using play dough to make the letter


Activity 6. Using the handwriting app in the iPad to write the letter.


The students loves these activities.

Afterwards we had our inside inquiry time where students can select what they want to do.  I had a group of students ask me for more big letter a’s so they could do more rainbow writing!

So now I just have to think a 6 new activities for this Friday’s handwriting blitz session!

Suggestions welcome!