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My trip to Long Tan

25 Apr

Last ANZAC Day I wrote about my trip to Gallipoli in 2007  (you can read it here if interested).

In 2008 my Mum and I did a trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

While we were in Vietnam we visited Long Tan – the site of the Vietnam War.

Although over there they call it the American war.  It took me awhile to work out what they were talking about when they kept mentioning the American war. I suppose they wouldn’t call the Vietnam War over there!


(This my crazy mother who jumped down a man hole. They would hide there waiting for the enemy)


I may not have jumped down a man hole but I did crawl through a 20m tunnel – the first 10m were ok, the second 10m I just wanted to get out of there.  Even though they have doubled the size of the tunnels for tourists they were still very snug!


This diagram (above) showed us how the tunnels were built.  I was amazed at how the soldiers worked out how far underground to build a kitchen area – so the smoke would rise to the ground in the morning – so it would be mistaken as morning mist!

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, add a visit to Long Tan on your list. Well worth the visit.


(another pic of my Mum next to a tank )

I am very lucky to have visited both Gallipoli and Long Tan.  Seeing the site of these historic battles has really made me realise how important it is that we keep the ANZAC stories and traditions alive.


Super Quick Chicken Craft

3 Apr

I want to share with you this super quick and easy chicken craft with you.


My Prep/Year 1 class loved making these and they did it with minimal, if any assistance from me.

You need: Egg carton, yellow cotton wool, yellow feathers, googly eyes and orange felt/cardboard.


We pre dyed the cotton wool yellow before we started.


Look how cute they look!!


Have a go and make your own 🙂