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New Stuff in Prep/Year 1

29 May

Hello again…’s time to showcase a few new things that have been happening in my classroom over the past few weeks.

Here is myFive for Friday teacher post…

  1. Number Lines: We have been doing number lines to death in maths over the past few weeks. Lucky there are lots of fun hands on activities around to help us with this concept. The students love using the hanging geckos!gecko
  2. Cloud Dough: This week our  sensory activity for outside time was cloud dough.  They love playing with this stuff.IMG_1376
  3. Grandparent Letters – This term our history unit is titled “What was School Like for Grandma?”  This week we wrote letters to our Grandparents asking them some questions about their school days.  In return we are inviting our Grandparents to visit our classroom so we can show them what school is like in 2014.  In 12 years of teaching I have never had a Grandparent day before……… we will see how it goes!IMG_2736
  4. Laser maze – This week we turned our stage area into a lazer maze! The kids had more fun making it than they did playing in it!IMG_4268
  5. Chinese Finger Traps – I purchased a class set of Chinese Finger Traps to help my kiddies sit still during meditation.  They have been a huge hit although to date, not hugely successful!IMG_4156 

So there you go…..another week in Prep/Year 1.  I have a weekend full of writing report cards ahead of me…….yes you can feel sorry for me if you like 🙂

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Outside Time

16 May

For this weeks  Five for Friday teacher post I thought I would showcase what “Outside Time” looks like for my class.  We have outside time 3 times a week (I wish we had it everyday but with the introduction of ACARA life in Prep/Year 1 is all about balance!).

 On the days we don’t have outside time we participate in PMP (perceptual motor program) activities.  I like to have my outside time/PMP activities first up in the mornings.  An OT once told me it best to get kids outside first up to get the sunlight on their faces to help clear the melatonin left over from the night before.


  1. Obstacle Course: We start every outside time off with the obstacle course.  We always start off with some type of animal walk on the gym mats.  We are getting good at finding the word Start and finish!IMG_4119
  2. Sensory Activity: Each week I put out a sensory activity for the students.  This could be water play, cloud dough, rice or goop.  This week it was slime!! Oh…….they had great fun with this!IMG_4114
  3. Art – I also put out some type of art experience for the students.  Last week we taped butchers paper to a picnic table and gave the students crayons.  The boys loved colouring on it as the table have small grooves in it and gave an interesting texture.  This week I put out the paint easels.  It’s interesting listening to the students talk as they paint.  The other day we had a very interesting conversation about seasons going on!IMG_4117
  4. Stage – Each week we set up something different on the stage.  Last week it was a doctors – this week a police station.  I forgot to take a photo of this but I did take a photo of a student who numbered each of the pavers around the stage in an attempt to work out how many there were!IMG_4125
  5. Everyday Stuff – Each week we have stock standard equipment that we put out for the students.  These include sandpit toys, big blocks, skipping ropes, waffle blocks, scooter boards etc. IMG_3425

So there you go…..a peep into our outside time 🙂

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It’s Mother’s Day in Prep/Year 1

9 May

This week we have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day.

Here are 5 things we’ve done to get ready for the BIG day.

  1. Mother’s Day Cards with matching gift wrap – This year we started by making our Mother’s Day cards and gift wrap. We used string paintings to create these masterpieces.IMG_4053
  2. Mum Portraits: The students each painted a a portrait of their mothers and wrote a sentence telling us what they love about them.IMG_4059
  3. Candle Holders – We made wooden T-Light candle holders for our mums.  We painted and used buttons to decorate them.  I had to get my husband to help me put them together first – it’s times like this he really loves being married to a teacher!!IMG_4048IMG_4057
  4. Mother’s Challenge – We invited our Mother’s to our classroom to particpate in the marshmallow/pasta tower challenge.  Each student prepared a Challenge bag…….The Mother/Child team that built the tallest tower won a box of chocolates.IMG_4052
  5. Mum Stories – We have been reading “Mum” stories this week to help remind us just how wonderful our Mums are!Mum_stories

 I hope all Mums have a wonderful day on Sunday.  My sister and I are taking my Mum out for high tea!

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