It’s Mother’s Day in Prep/Year 1

9 May

This week we have been busy preparing for Mother’s Day.

Here are 5 things we’ve done to get ready for the BIG day.

  1. Mother’s Day Cards with matching gift wrap – This year we started by making our Mother’s Day cards and gift wrap. We used string paintings to create these masterpieces.IMG_4053
  2. Mum Portraits: The students each painted a a portrait of their mothers and wrote a sentence telling us what they love about them.IMG_4059
  3. Candle Holders – We made wooden T-Light candle holders for our mums.  We painted and used buttons to decorate them.  I had to get my husband to help me put them together first – it’s times like this he really loves being married to a teacher!!IMG_4048IMG_4057
  4. Mother’s Challenge – We invited our Mother’s to our classroom to particpate in the marshmallow/pasta tower challenge.  Each student prepared a Challenge bag…….The Mother/Child team that built the tallest tower won a box of chocolates.IMG_4052
  5. Mum Stories – We have been reading “Mum” stories this week to help remind us just how wonderful our Mums are!Mum_stories

 I hope all Mums have a wonderful day on Sunday.  My sister and I are taking my Mum out for high tea!

and because it’s Friday I am linking up with FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY


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