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Aboriginal Artwork

24 Jul

Last week as part of our Indigenous Culture Unit my class made rainsticks.  This week in keeping with the theme we each made a piece of Aboriginal Woven Artwork.

For this activity we asked the students to each bring in a Y branch to use as the main structure of their art piece.

When we did the ‘test’ run we realised it would be too difficult for the students to wrap the twine around tightly themselves so we decided that we would do that for them to start them off.


We viewed a collection of Aboriginal Artworks online to give us some inspiration before we went out to the playground to collect pieces for our own.


We decided against letting the kids collect feather from the ground (health reasons) but did pull out the natural coloured ones from the art cupboard for the students to use.


The students were then let loose to create their own art piece.

We were amazed at how quiet the students were while weaving and at how long they spent creating their piece.


They look great when they were finished!


 And I’m sure they have all been hung somewhere special in the students houses!


Let’s hope next week when we attempt to make our own ochre is just as successful!



21 Jul

We are beginning this term with a 4 week Cultural Unit studying the Australian Indigenous Culture.

Last week we studied Aboriginal artefacts and read a few Dreamtime stories.

We also made a rainstick.

We were lucky enough to have a student bring to school a ‘real’ rainstick (so we had some idea what we were doing).  I also found a great video on You Tube that showed us how to make one.

All we needed was a cardboard cylinder, brown paper, rubber bands and alfoil.


We used corn and rice (items we had left over from our science unit) to put inside the stick for the ‘rain’ sound effect.

IMG_4797After the students had made their rainstick they painted them with their first attempt of Aboriginal art.


 They look great when they were finished!

Now I can fib and tell you all that they easy to make – honestly it was a little stressful.  The You Tube clip suggests fastening the ends with rubber bands, which we did to start with……..then by the time the 2 student had rigorously shaken their rainstick so fast that the end had come off causing rice and corn to fly across the classroom we wised up and insisted that every child sticky tape their ends down!  When we were finished we also found 4 pieces of alfoil that obviously fell out of a few rainsticks before they were sealed shut!


Stay tuned for next week when we attempt weaving!!

100th Day

17 Jul

Yesterday marked the 100th day of school this year! All year we have been counting down to this day.  Each day we have added apples to our number tree, added a paddle pop stick to our Place Value Chart and added a number to our 100 board.

We started the day by counting to 100 and doing our 100 floor mat.


and singing our favourite counting to 100 song.

This is how else we celebrated the milstone.

  1. Hats: We made and wore these 100 day of school hats.100 hats
  2. Cake: We made a cake in the shape of the number 100 and put 100 SMARTies on it !cake
  3. Necklaces – We made Cheerio necklaces with 100 Cheerio’s (FYI this took forever!).IMG_4758
  4. 100 Cup Structure – This was the FAV activity of the day.  I gave the students 100 plastic cups and each group had to make a structure.cups
  5.  Name Race – Students raced each other to see who could write their name the most amount of times in 100 seconds.IMG_4777

The students had a great day celebrating being 100 days smarter!

Well that’s my 100 day of school Five for Friday post and because it’s Friday I am also linking up with FLOG YOUR BLOG FRIDAY