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New Name; New Blog

14 Feb

The blogger who hasn’t blogged in months!

That would be because after attending and becoming inspired at the problogger conference back in (ahem) August, I decided that my blog needed a makeover and a name change.  It took me awhile to get everything all worked out but here it is!

The name has changed from “This is Who I am” to “A teacher’s life”, because lets face it 95% of what I blog about is teachery stuff!!


The makeover happend by Katrina from the The Mediamaid.  I love it (I am slightly addicted to gold spots at the moment so the design is perfect!)

I have lots planned for my blog this year – so please stay tuned 🙂

So please come and visit me over at my new blog: A Teacher’s Life

Head on over there and check it out (if you were a subscriber you will need to sign up again! Sorry!)

A Teacher’s Life