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This is Book Week

19 Aug

It is BOOK WEEK this week!

We started the week off on Monday with a whole school Book Character Parade.  I had one little boy ask me everyday for 2 weeks when was Dress Up day as he was busting to wear his spiderman outfit.

All the teachers at school dressed up as witches or wizards.

I looked stunning!


On Wednesday we are off to the theatre to see a stage production of Wombat Stew (although I think the students are more excited about catching the bus than anything else!)

We also have a school wide challenge to read 10 000 books.  Everytime a student reads a book they add a link to our reading chain.  The links are collated in team colours to see which ‘house’ reads the most books.


 Lastly I have invited parents and other teachers to pop into our classroom at any time to read us their favourite story. It will be interesting to see how many brave parents take up the challenge!

Have fun to everyone who is celebrating Book Week this week 🙂


The Cultural Unit

12 Aug

For the first four weeks of term we have been learning about the Aboriginal Culture.  We have made rainsticks, woven artworks, read many Dreamtime Stories and learnt some songs.


Last week we wrapped up our Cultural Unit with an excursion to our local Cobb and Co Museum.

It was a fantastic excursion – so well run and organised.

The students worked their way through a series of activities that included:

  1. Dreamtime Stories and clay sculpture making
  2. artefact study and learning a traditional game.
  3. Fire Making/Attempting (no one was actually successful)
  4. Learning a dance and listening to a didgeridoo player
  5. Outdoor games – spear throwing (with tennis balls) and boomerang throwing
  6. Aboriginal Art – Hand painting and Class MuralIMG_5051

The hardest part was walking up the hill home!

Oh and before we left we quickly visited a special exhibit that the museum had on local sportspeople as a Dad of one of the students in my class was in the display. You can imagine how exciting that was!


21 Jul

We are beginning this term with a 4 week Cultural Unit studying the Australian Indigenous Culture.

Last week we studied Aboriginal artefacts and read a few Dreamtime stories.

We also made a rainstick.

We were lucky enough to have a student bring to school a ‘real’ rainstick (so we had some idea what we were doing).  I also found a great video on You Tube that showed us how to make one.

All we needed was a cardboard cylinder, brown paper, rubber bands and alfoil.


We used corn and rice (items we had left over from our science unit) to put inside the stick for the ‘rain’ sound effect.

IMG_4797After the students had made their rainstick they painted them with their first attempt of Aboriginal art.


 They look great when they were finished!

Now I can fib and tell you all that they easy to make – honestly it was a little stressful.  The You Tube clip suggests fastening the ends with rubber bands, which we did to start with……..then by the time the 2 student had rigorously shaken their rainstick so fast that the end had come off causing rice and corn to fly across the classroom we wised up and insisted that every child sticky tape their ends down!  When we were finished we also found 4 pieces of alfoil that obviously fell out of a few rainsticks before they were sealed shut!


Stay tuned for next week when we attempt weaving!!

Candy Cane Mice

3 Dec

Last week we made Candy Cane Mice to give as a thank you gift to our Big (Year 6/7) Buddies.

I love that they are were so easy and quick to make.

All that is needed is red and green felt, googly eyes, small pom pom and a candy cane.





I love them – they have definitely been added to the list of xmas craft that I will do again!

Chocolate Flowers

26 Nov

It’s that time of term where the small group activities in my classroom are coming to an end.  I always like to give my parent helpers a small gift to say thank you for helping (and to bribe them so they will come back again!).

This time I am making chocolate flowers for them.

To make these you need chocolate (in ball shape), tissue paper and a skewer)

IMG_2726You just poke them through and tie them off with a bread tie.


I then wrapped the flowers in some brown paper and a paper doily.



I think they look pretty cute and I love how quick and easy they were to make!

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia

19 Nov

I am doing a cooking class (yes KB, a cooking class!).

The Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food Cooking course to be exact.

The Jamie’s Ministry of Food mobile truck that has been located in Queen’s Park Toowoomba for the past 13 weeks.  It contains a purpose built, fully equipped kitchen classroom.


The course goes for 5 weeks  (1 x 90 min lesson per week) and only costs $50 (the cost is subsidised by the government).  There are 12 participants per class.

It aims to give as many people as possible the tools and information they need to be able to make better food choices, to help  ensure healthier and happier communities.  The tagline for this course states “Anyone can learn to Cook” – so fingers crossed!!!

The Mobile Kitchen is headed to Nanago next. Check out the website to see if it’s coming your way next year.


If you live in Ipswich or Geelong you don’t have to wait for the truck to visit, you have a permanent centre in your town!

We Remember

12 Nov

Last year my husband and I took ourselves on a road trip from Toowoomba to Canberra – stopping at a few places along the way.

While we were in Canberra we visited the Australian War memorial.


We were amazed with the place.  We didn’t expect the collection to be so big and detailed.


We did one of the daily free tours and were truly amazed by the artefacts that were on display.


Yesterday for Rememberance Day I tried to get my class to realise how lucky we are to live in Australia and how respectful we need to be to our serviceman.

We made poppies to wear.


And had a prayer circle that incorporated our minutes silence and the playing of the last post.


Lest we forget.