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Kids Connect Toowoomba

4 Sep

This week I was given an opportunity to facilitate a group of students at the local Kids Connect conference.

This is a 2 day conference attended by students from Grade 5 to Grade 7 from schools within our district.

The group I was facilitating were given the task to create a QR Code scavenger hunt around our local Cobb and Co Museum.

Firstly we planned and planned.  Then we used iMovie to create “Did you Know?” and “Cryptic Clue” Videos, uploaded them to You Tube, created a QR Code for each video and finally created posters to display around the Museum.  Easy!!


 Well it was was easy, it just took us 2 days to do it!


It was a great experience – I think I’m going to create a welcome video and a QR Code for my class next year.  And I will admit working with older students for a couple of days was a refreshing change. I didn’t tie up a single shoelace for TWO whole days!


Naidoc Week

19 Jul

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had a “Naidoc Week” focus.  We read many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and watched videos of traditional Aboriginal dance and music.

  1. Aboriginal Flag – This week we made flags using crepe paper squares.IMG_1742[1]
  2. Aboriginal Art – We weaved and made these beautiful pieces of art using feathers, leaves and shells.IMG_1741[1]
  3. Aboriginal Cave Drawings  – Our last art piece was making our own Aboriginal Cave drawings.cave drawings
  4. Good Choice Grid – This has been a huge hit this week! When I see students making a good choice they get to write their name in a square. When the grid is full I pull an coordinate out of a hat and the child’s whose name is in the square wins a prize.IMG_1739[1]
  5. Function Machine– This week was “Function Machine” week.  The students had a great time inventing noises for the machine to make.IMG_1737[1]

Enjoy the weekend!

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Holiday Countdown

17 Jul

Next school holidays I am off to Singapore.  I gave my husband tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix for Christmas (Yes, that does make me awesome!).

So now that we are getting closer I thought I would start the good ole holiday countdown.

Naturally I found an app that would do that for me!  Countdown – it was a free!


You just add the details of the event into the app and it works it all out for you.

You can even add a photo.


As you can see the holiday is no exactly close but also not THAT far away!

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Busy Busy

12 Jul

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

We were busy busy this week.

I had so many things to choose from I struggled to pick only 5!

  1. Food Graphs – This week everyday before morning tea we have made a food graph with the fruit from our lunchbox.  Interestingly the amount of fruit in lunchboxes increased by the end of the week……………nothing like a bit of motivation to increase the fruit intake!graphs
  2. Home Packs – This week saw the commencement of our Maths Home Kit and Class Journal Owl.  Three lucky students each night get to home a pack.  The packs are filled with games students can play at home and a journal to record a short entry about the experience.IMG_1701
  3. Talking Recorders  – As part of our Daily Five Literacy Session I have been using these Talking Recorders.  I can voice record simple instructions on them and when students go to the activity they just press the button to hear what they have to do.  I’m not sure who loves these the most – me or the students!IMG_1700
  4. Cooking – This week we made G shaped biscuits with Green icing.g biscuits
  5. Word Families– For “Word Work” this week we wrote our word family words onto paint colour cards.IMG_1708Five_for_Friday

Enjoy the weekend!

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Movie Premiere and Book Launch

31 May

On Tuesday I went to a Movie Premiere and a Book Launch.

I know what you are thinking………..How did I score two invites in one day?

Well …. they happened in my classroom.

This term for history the students had to research their own personal history (Yep, the whole 5/6 years that they have been alive for).  The students filled an “All About Me Bag” with items from their past.


We have been using these items for our weekly show and share presentations.  The students then also used these items to film a short (very short – about 1 minute each) documentary about their lives so far.

We used the app iMovie on the iPads to film ourselves.  The students filmed each other (there were a few missing heads) and I did the editing, which ended up being 27 minutes of footage.

In Religion this term we have been looking at prayers, the different types of prayers and the different ways we can pray.  One of the prayers we looked at were “Sorry Prayers”, where students had to reflect on a time when they didn’t make a good choice.  The students typed up their prayers on the computer, illustrated them and we copied and bound them to make a book for each of the students to keep.  We even donated a copy to our school library.


To showcase our great achievements we decided to hold a Movie Premiere and Book Launch together, inviting the parents in to join us.

As all good parties do we made popcorn (gloves worn to meet strict hygiene standards!) and a Hollywood walk of fame with our handprints on it.


The parents loved it and our documentary definitely got a few laughs (it nearly could be reclassified as a comedy!).

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iPad Inservice

29 May

On Monday I was soooooooo excited as I got to go to an iPad inservice for school.

The guy running it was excellent and the school he teaches at has one to one iPads for Year 1 and 2 (it’s on their book list!). How amazing is that? Ahh, that would be my dream.  My classroom only has 4.

Anyway for those that are interested these are the apps that he showed us.  What I loved best about them was that they all were CREATING apps, not games.


This term we have been using iMovie to film documentaries about ourselves for history (we had a Movie Premiere with our parents yesterday).

I am now dreaming of what I can get my class to do next term while using the iPads.  Maybe a time lapse video or a book trailer or an ibook!

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Google or YouTube?

23 Apr

When looking/researching something on the internet what is your preferred search engine Google or YouTube?


I ‘ll admit that I go to Google, apparently that however is “old school”.

The younger generation all head to YouTube.  Why you ask? Because it is easier to “watch” how to do something rather than “read” how to do something.


When you think about, they are right.  It is easier to learn something when you see it action.

So lately I have been trying to play the younger generations game by searching for things on YouTube.

 I’ve searched:

Hair and Make up Tutorials

Painting tips


Cleaning tips

“How To” computer guides

My husband also spends hours on YouTube watching stupid (supposedly funny) clips.

I am pretty impressed with what you can find.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on YouTube?

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