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Back Online

27 Mar

Hello…….well things have been very quiet on the blog for the past 3 weeks!


This is due to the internet at home (and landline) being out of action….thanks Telstra!

So how do you think 3 weeks without internet went? Well it was bloody frustrating!

For the past three weeks I haven’t been able to:

  • blog or read any blogs
  • record TV shows (the TBox runs through the internet)
  • download any shows that I follow from America
  • internet shop!! (I suppose this one isn’t too life threatening…)
  • browse pinterest

When I was explaining the dire situation to a friend, her reply was “Gosh, I don’t know how you’re coping I don’t think I would be able to survive”.  And I’ll admit if I didn’t have my I Phone things definitely would of been hairy!!

So now that I am back online and with school finishing tomorrow for the Easter School holidays expect to see me back posting again.

My husbands words to me this afternoon were “The internet is fixed….go blog!”.


Wordless Wednesday – Social Networking

6 Mar

Yes it’s another Wordless Wednesday post featuring the someecards (I told you I was addicted).

This weeks topic is social networking.

 I found them all on pinterest.





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Social Media Bickering

5 Mar

So, I am reality new to twitter – I’ve only been on board for about a year now.


I really like a good short, sharp and witty tweet.

I follow a mixture of friends, celebrities and fellow bloggers.

I do get slightly annoyed with people who tweet about shows before they have been aired here in QLD (time difference issue). But I have learnt not to check twitter on Room Reveal Night (#theblock).

The part that is starting to really annoy me is the twitter bickering.  Do I really need to read people’s twitter fights? I’ll admit they can be amusing and I may have just read one out aloud to my husband, laughing at the them but is twitter really the place for it?

Tonight people were on fire! What I find the most amusing is that people respond to sarcastic, unfriendly tweets.  I think that if someone replies to your tweet in an unfriendly way your best response is……………… do nothing at all.

Check me out on twitter @marleisaconnors

I promise I won’t start a fight with you 🙂 !

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Posts – Pre Plan or On The Spot

19 Feb

Do you pre plan your blog posts?

I started this blog at beginning of the school holidays – when I had my days to myself.  During this time I would write my posts in the mornings (sitting on the couch watching morning TV in my pajamas).  I would then scroll through and read other blogs and comment and be done and dusted by 11.00am.


But now that I am back at work that is no longer possible.

Last week I  barely wrote at all! The week before I was better but I did write all my posts on the weekend and just published them throughout the week.  Damm you work!! You are getting in the way of my blogging!!

So I have decided that it is best if I write my posts on a Sunday – working out which one I would post on which day (often depending on what linky I am linking up with) and storing them in my drafts folder.

Then when I get up in the morning all I need to do is hit publish on that days post and add my link to my linky party of choice.  This means that I don’t get a chance to read and comment on other blogs until that night (and I’ll admit that it even may be the following night).  But that’s what’s working for me at the moment.

How do you manage writing your blog posts and commenting while working full time?

Today I am linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT (I Blog on Tuesdays) and  You’re Gonna Love It Tuesday.


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16 Dec

Do you have an iPhone? I love mine.

I love that I can connect with people and look things up while I am out and about.  I can use facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest on it.

Here are a few other iPhone Apps  that I use:

Nike Running: This is a great one to motivate you to do some exercise.


Camera+: I use the iPhone alot to take photos.  This app just gives you a few more options than the standard camera on your phone and it includes filters.


Event Cinemas: So easy to use to find out movie times and buy tickets.


Food Swtich: When you are grocery shopping you use this app to scan a product and then it will suggest a healthier alternative.


Aldi: I quite looking ahead to see what Aldi has on sale each week.


iTorch: I use this app every night when I turn off the lights and head to bed.


What are your favourite iPhone apps?


10 Dec

Many of you know that I LOVE my I Pad.


Not a day goes by without me using it.  At night if it’s not in my hands my husband will be using it.  It gets used more than our washing machine does!! I have had it for just over a year now and thought I would share with you the apps I use the most.

Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram


Games – Words with Friends, Flow Free, Scramble and Water?


Useful: QRReader, Sleep Cycle, Hey Tell and Shazam


Kids Stuff: Sound TchLite, Sneaky Sam, Toddler Piano and I Like Books


What are your favourite apps?