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A Sunday Share

12 Oct

My husband is watching “Bathurst” today so I’ve been hanging out online this morning catching up on my blog reads (actually procrastinating because I should be going up to school  to do some work!) .

I’ve stumbled upon the My Little Sunshine House Sunday linky and I thought I would give it a go.

The prompt is to share what we are reading/inspired by/ looking at at the moment.

  1. Reading: I rarely read books during the school term – I am just too tired.  But last Saturday (school holidays) I did sit down on my lounge on the deck and read a whole book: The Farmers Wife by Rachael Treasure
  2. Inspired by: I am currently in the planning stage of my next BIG overseas holidays,  Next year my husband and I are off to America for 6 weeks,  So at the moment I am being inspired by my travel brochures 🙂IMG_5658
  3. Looking at: Yesterday I took my Mum to see the Lion King for her birthday.  So I’ve been looking at the program – amazed at the costumes and set design.IMG_5656

So there you go – I quick little Sunday post 🙂


Wendy Wu Tour – India

3 Oct

Hello – I have returned from my holiday to India (with a few extra days in Hong Kong tagged onto the end for shopping purposes 🙂 )

I went to India expecting the worst.

My travel agent tried to talk me out of going, everyone warned me that it would be confronting and smell bad! And with a few recent planes falling out of the sky and Australia raising the Terroist warning to high the day before I left –  I went away feeling a little cautious.

I didn’t feel confident enough to self travel through India so I joined a Wendy Wu tour called the Golden Triangle Tour (deluxe).  We visited Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Gurgaon.

A highlight was definately visiting the Taj Mahal. Amazing craftmanship for a time when they did everything by hand.


You know it’s a special place when they make you wear these over your shoes!


I also loved the people and how they lived.

P1000085 P1000308

What I didn’t love so much was the poverty. There are some very poor people in India.

This was the view from my 5 star hotel room.


It definately makes you feel bad when you are sleeping in comfort and there are people out your window living on a empty block on land (sharing it with goats, cows and buffalo) and sleeping under a tent!

Each day I would collect all the hotel toiletries from my room and give them to the begging children at the tourist detinations we visited – everyone needs a cake of soap and a toothbrush!


Overall I’m glad I went and it didn’t smell any worst than other Aisan countries I have visited.


So where to next?

I’m in the middle of planning a 6 week holiday to America for next Christmas 2015 and there is the possiblity of a short Bali escape next Easter!  Until then, my passport has been safely tucked away 🙂

My trip to Long Tan

25 Apr

Last ANZAC Day I wrote about my trip to Gallipoli in 2007  (you can read it here if interested).

In 2008 my Mum and I did a trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

While we were in Vietnam we visited Long Tan – the site of the Vietnam War.

Although over there they call it the American war.  It took me awhile to work out what they were talking about when they kept mentioning the American war. I suppose they wouldn’t call the Vietnam War over there!


(This my crazy mother who jumped down a man hole. They would hide there waiting for the enemy)


I may not have jumped down a man hole but I did crawl through a 20m tunnel – the first 10m were ok, the second 10m I just wanted to get out of there.  Even though they have doubled the size of the tunnels for tourists they were still very snug!


This diagram (above) showed us how the tunnels were built.  I was amazed at how the soldiers worked out how far underground to build a kitchen area – so the smoke would rise to the ground in the morning – so it would be mistaken as morning mist!

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, add a visit to Long Tan on your list. Well worth the visit.


(another pic of my Mum next to a tank )

I am very lucky to have visited both Gallipoli and Long Tan.  Seeing the site of these historic battles has really made me realise how important it is that we keep the ANZAC stories and traditions alive.

So We Cruised!!

3 Jan

For Christmas this year my husband and I fled the country via boat.

A cruise boat that is! For 9 blissful days we sailed, ate, drank, ate, swam, ate, ate, and relaxed!


We stopped at the Isle of Pines, Mystery Island, Villa and Noumea.


There was always something to do on the boat! Our favourite was participating in the daily lessons: Martini Masters, Whisky tasting and Cocktail Mixing!


We had no phone or internet connection while we were at sea………….so to all of you who we missed wishing a Merry Christmas we did think of you!


and for Pato…….Yes, we loved the towel animals left in our room each night 🙂


We Remember

12 Nov

Last year my husband and I took ourselves on a road trip from Toowoomba to Canberra – stopping at a few places along the way.

While we were in Canberra we visited the Australian War memorial.


We were amazed with the place.  We didn’t expect the collection to be so big and detailed.


We did one of the daily free tours and were truly amazed by the artefacts that were on display.


Yesterday for Rememberance Day I tried to get my class to realise how lucky we are to live in Australia and how respectful we need to be to our serviceman.

We made poppies to wear.


And had a prayer circle that incorporated our minutes silence and the playing of the last post.


Lest we forget.

What we did in Singapore

8 Oct

Our main reason for going to Singapore was for the Grand Prix.


We did however manage to fit in a few other things while we were there.  The first thing we did was the Hop on Hop of bus tour so we could orientate ourselves (and find out exactly where the Grand Prix track was!).

We also went on a cruise up the Singapore River and stopped to visit Merlion.


We had breakfast at the Zoo (yes, that is a polar bear in the background).


Went on the Singapore Flyer.


Had High tea and a very expensive Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel.


Went on the Tiger Brewery tour (and thoroughly enjoyed the 45mins of beer tasting at the end!).


Spent a day at Sentosa Island.


Visited China Town, Little India and the National Museum as well as 5 or 6 shopping centres.

A few people have asked me what the shopping was like.  Well I guess 5 pairs of shoes, 5 dresses and 7 tops will tell you that it wasn’t bad!


4 Oct

Well I survived the Singapore Grand Prix or #F1NightRace as we were told to hashtag it on twitter.

I bought the T-Shirt and Cap and I have the lanyards to prove it!


It went for three whole days (yep, the only thing it had going for it really was that it was in Singapore!).  Because it is so hot and humid in Singapore the races were held in the afternoon/night – starting at 3.00pm each day. Day 1 was practice laps, Day 2 qualifying laps, Day 3 the races.


The actual event itself was fun.  There were several stages set up throughout the grounds with different acts playing throughout the day/night.  There was also several displays, car simulator rides, a tattoo station, food/beer stalls, old car displays etc.  Each night after the races there was a concert where some of the entertainment included The Killers and Rihanna.


As for the actual sitting in the grand stand, watching the cars lap around and around………well it was ok.

I have to admit the second day I took my iPad and found myself a deckchair in the shade and read my book during a couple of the qualifying sessions (just the two that were held during the day………..I have red hair and fair skin…..I just can’t handle the sun ok!!).


Overall… was definitely an experience and I can say that I have been to a Grand Prix.

Would I go again?

Probably not for the three whole days, but I would attend on the third day for the big race itself!!