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Aboriginal Artwork

24 Jul

Last week as part of our Indigenous Culture Unit my class made rainsticks.  This week in keeping with the theme we each made a piece of Aboriginal Woven Artwork.

For this activity we asked the students to each bring in a Y branch to use as the main structure of their art piece.

When we did the ‘test’ run we realised it would be too difficult for the students to wrap the twine around tightly themselves so we decided that we would do that for them to start them off.


We viewed a collection of Aboriginal Artworks online to give us some inspiration before we went out to the playground to collect pieces for our own.


We decided against letting the kids collect feather from the ground (health reasons) but did pull out the natural coloured ones from the art cupboard for the students to use.


The students were then let loose to create their own art piece.

We were amazed at how quiet the students were while weaving and at how long they spent creating their piece.


They look great when they were finished!


 And I’m sure they have all been hung somewhere special in the students houses!


Let’s hope next week when we attempt to make our own ochre is just as successful!


Naidoc Week

19 Jul

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had a “Naidoc Week” focus.  We read many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and watched videos of traditional Aboriginal dance and music.

  1. Aboriginal Flag – This week we made flags using crepe paper squares.IMG_1742[1]
  2. Aboriginal Art – We weaved and made these beautiful pieces of art using feathers, leaves and shells.IMG_1741[1]
  3. Aboriginal Cave Drawings  – Our last art piece was making our own Aboriginal Cave drawings.cave drawings
  4. Good Choice Grid – This has been a huge hit this week! When I see students making a good choice they get to write their name in a square. When the grid is full I pull an coordinate out of a hat and the child’s whose name is in the square wins a prize.IMG_1739[1]
  5. Function Machine– This week was “Function Machine” week.  The students had a great time inventing noises for the machine to make.IMG_1737[1]

Enjoy the weekend!

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