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Movie Premiere and Book Launch

31 May

On Tuesday I went to a Movie Premiere and a Book Launch.

I know what you are thinking………..How did I score two invites in one day?

Well …. they happened in my classroom.

This term for history the students had to research their own personal history (Yep, the whole 5/6 years that they have been alive for).  The students filled an “All About Me Bag” with items from their past.


We have been using these items for our weekly show and share presentations.  The students then also used these items to film a short (very short – about 1 minute each) documentary about their lives so far.

We used the app iMovie on the iPads to film ourselves.  The students filmed each other (there were a few missing heads) and I did the editing, which ended up being 27 minutes of footage.

In Religion this term we have been looking at prayers, the different types of prayers and the different ways we can pray.  One of the prayers we looked at were “Sorry Prayers”, where students had to reflect on a time when they didn’t make a good choice.  The students typed up their prayers on the computer, illustrated them and we copied and bound them to make a book for each of the students to keep.  We even donated a copy to our school library.


To showcase our great achievements we decided to hold a Movie Premiere and Book Launch together, inviting the parents in to join us.

As all good parties do we made popcorn (gloves worn to meet strict hygiene standards!) and a Hollywood walk of fame with our handprints on it.


The parents loved it and our documentary definitely got a few laughs (it nearly could be reclassified as a comedy!).

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