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Health Week

10 Aug

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had the Healthy Harrod Van visit school. Each class went to the van to have a session about ways we can keep ourselves healthy. Therefore being healthy was a hot topic this week.

  1. Healthy Harrod Van IMG_1892[1]
  2. New IPad Cases – Our IPads got these super new cases this week.  They will supposedly bounce if dropped (thankfully they are yet to be tested!).IMG_1908[1]
  3. Cloud Art – We have been doing a science unit focusing on the weather this term.  This week we looked at the clouds and made these cloud art works (it was a great way to use up the hundreds of packets of cotton wool we have!).IMG_1907[1]
  4. Bubbles – We had a couple of really windy days this week so we got out the bubbles makers and burnt of some energy running around making bubbles during our Outside Time (Sorry I was having too much fun making bubbles that I forgot to take a photo!).
  5. Straw painting– This week our paint experience was straw painting. They look great!IMG_1888[1]IMG_1906[1]Well that sums up another busy week in Prep/One!

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