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Kids Connect Toowoomba

4 Sep

This week I was given an opportunity to facilitate a group of students at the local Kids Connect conference.

This is a 2 day conference attended by students from Grade 5 to Grade 7 from schools within our district.

The group I was facilitating were given the task to create a QR Code scavenger hunt around our local Cobb and Co Museum.

Firstly we planned and planned.  Then we used iMovie to create “Did you Know?” and “Cryptic Clue” Videos, uploaded them to You Tube, created a QR Code for each video and finally created posters to display around the Museum.  Easy!!


 Well it was was easy, it just took us 2 days to do it!


It was a great experience – I think I’m going to create a welcome video and a QR Code for my class next year.  And I will admit working with older students for a couple of days was a refreshing change. I didn’t tie up a single shoelace for TWO whole days!


Nearly There

22 Nov

Welcome to another week in my Prep/Year 1 classroom.

You may have noticed that my usual Five for Friday teacher post was MIA last week.  That’s because I was buried deep under report cards and compiling class lists.  The stress levels are high in schools at the moment.  We only have 2 week of school left for the year! I can’t believe it! And while I am looking forward to a holidays (particularly my xmas cruise), I am also feeling sad that I only have 2 weeks left with the gorgeous kids in my class.  I have a fabulous class who have just been delightful to teach.  So with report cards due in today and these horrid class lists done, I now have 2 weeks left to enjoy working with them!

Here is this weeks Five for Friday post.

  1. Demonstration Week – This week for Show and Share the students demonstrated how to do something.  We had everything from paper plane making, cake decorating and pop corn making (actually pop corn making was showcased 4 times!!!).demonstration
  2. Goop: I love making this goop mix. It’s just cornflour, water and food colour.IMG_2668
  3. Grid Directions – This week we looked at Postion and Direction in maths. The kiddies wrote their own instruction on how to get through the grid. Don’t you love these kids checking that their instructions are correct!IMG_2689
  4. Explain Everything App – This week we have been playing around with the “Explain Everything” app – making short videos as part of our Geography unit.Explain_everything
  5. Christmas Play – Rehearsals are well underway for our Christmas play.  My class needs to dress as a Roman Soldier! (Good Luck with that parents :))Roman_Soldier

Well that’s a wrap for another week.

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