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Naidoc Week

19 Jul

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week we had a “Naidoc Week” focus.  We read many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and watched videos of traditional Aboriginal dance and music.

  1. Aboriginal Flag – This week we made flags using crepe paper squares.IMG_1742[1]
  2. Aboriginal Art – We weaved and made these beautiful pieces of art using feathers, leaves and shells.IMG_1741[1]
  3. Aboriginal Cave Drawings  – Our last art piece was making our own Aboriginal Cave drawings.cave drawings
  4. Good Choice Grid – This has been a huge hit this week! When I see students making a good choice they get to write their name in a square. When the grid is full I pull an coordinate out of a hat and the child’s whose name is in the square wins a prize.IMG_1739[1]
  5. Function Machine– This week was “Function Machine” week.  The students had a great time inventing noises for the machine to make.IMG_1737[1]

Enjoy the weekend!

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