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School in August

23 Aug

Hello and welcome to my first Five for Friday for August!

  1. Maps: This week we started our Geography unit. We are looking at maps. Our excursion to the Empire Theatre gave us the perfect reason to look at google earth and follow a map. We even attempted to draw our own.IMG_5127IMG_5129

  2. Healthy Harold: Anyone remember visiting the Healthy Harrod Van as a kid? Well the van has been parked at our school for the past week and Tuesday was our day to go!IMG_5107

  3. Parent Readers – This week as part of Book Week I invited parents to stop by and read us a story.  I had a few brave Mums and even a Dad come to read.  The favourite story was Stone Soup – which a boy in my class picked for his Mum to read to us as it was his Dads favourite story from when he was a kid (how cute is that?). No one in the class had read it before and they were really intrigued by the storyline!lucky

  4. Mystery Substance – A student bought this interesting substance in for Show and Share.  She didn’t know what it was called and I am clueless as to what it is. It’s not cloud dough or goop? Any ideas?


  5.  New Door – we had a very exciting day on Thursday.  My classroom door came off its rollers.  While I was on the phone with the office arranging to get it fixed – 2 little inquisitive boys headed on over and the next thing bang – broken glass and all!IMG_5122

 Well that’s another week done and dusted! Not many weeks now until I take some long service leave and head off to India!