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Kids Connect Toowoomba

4 Sep

This week I was given an opportunity to facilitate a group of students at the local Kids Connect conference.

This is a 2 day conference attended by students from Grade 5 to Grade 7 from schools within our district.

The group I was facilitating were given the task to create a QR Code scavenger hunt around our local Cobb and Co Museum.

Firstly we planned and planned.  Then we used iMovie to create “Did you Know?” and “Cryptic Clue” Videos, uploaded them to You Tube, created a QR Code for each video and finally created posters to display around the Museum.  Easy!!


 Well it was was easy, it just took us 2 days to do it!


It was a great experience – I think I’m going to create a welcome video and a QR Code for my class next year.  And I will admit working with older students for a couple of days was a refreshing change. I didn’t tie up a single shoelace for TWO whole days!


Things my class LOVE to do

21 Jun

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

This week I am sharing with you 5 things that my class LOVES to do.

  1. Marbles – I have had this container of marbles for 10 years.  It has been on a shelf in every classroom I have every taught in.  Previous classes have barely given this container a sideways glance.  However my class this year is obsessed with them!! Not a day passes without someone pulling them out to play with them.IMG_1471[1]
  2. Dead Fish – Everyday my class asks me if they can play dead fish.  In my opinion it would have to be one of the most boring games ever but not in the eyes of my class.  For those of you who don’t know how to play let me enlighten you.  Students lie on the ground and pretend to be dead.  If you move, twitch, wriggle etc you are out.  The person who can stay still the longest is the winner.  (I know it sounds strange but it is a really good way to calm kids down in they are a bit hyper!).IMG_1473[1]
  3. Best Tidier Balloon – Every day I give out a balloon to the student who is the best tidier after inside time.  It is such a BIG deal – you would think I was handing out $100 notes rather than just a balloon (oh it does get a funny face drawn on it too).IMG_1466[1]
  4. Comprehension Beach Ball – Every day after our story I choose three students to pick a comprehension question off the beach ball to answer.  It is a BIG deal to get the ball thrown to you. IMG_1464[1]

5. iPads – My class just love the four iPads we have.  We use them for literacy and maths small groups as well as an option during inside inquiry time.  I amazed that the novelty has not worn of yet (I even had tears yesterday because someone didn’t get a turn!).IMG_0654Five_for_Friday

Happy Holidays!

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iPad Inservice

29 May

On Monday I was soooooooo excited as I got to go to an iPad inservice for school.

The guy running it was excellent and the school he teaches at has one to one iPads for Year 1 and 2 (it’s on their book list!). How amazing is that? Ahh, that would be my dream.  My classroom only has 4.

Anyway for those that are interested these are the apps that he showed us.  What I loved best about them was that they all were CREATING apps, not games.


This term we have been using iMovie to film documentaries about ourselves for history (we had a Movie Premiere with our parents yesterday).

I am now dreaming of what I can get my class to do next term while using the iPads.  Maybe a time lapse video or a book trailer or an ibook!

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Five For Friday – Class Visitors

17 May

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

The five new things in my classroom this week were.

  1. Police Station – Our ‘special’ outdoor activity was a police station.  We had lots of bank robberies this week!
  2. Crayon Painting  – This was our painting experience this week.IMG_1334IMG_1335
  3. Class Visitors – This week we were so lucky to have two Sisters from Manila visit our classroom. They spent the morning with us on Wednesday – observing our classroom.  You can imagine how intrigued the students were by them.IMG_1338
  4. Documentaries – This week we started filming our “All About Me” documentaries using our iPads for our history assessments.  We had to do a few takes for some but we are getting there.IMG_1341
  5. Comparing Length – This week in maths we have been looking at length.  You know you’re doing it well when students come up to you at lunch time to telll you that they have compared their lunch to see who has the longest sandwich!IMG_1337Five_for_Friday

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