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Hump Week

16 Aug

Here is my Five for Friday teacher post.

Yes, in the teaching world this was hump week – AKA middle week of term.  We have another 5 weeks to go and we are busy busy.  I honestly felt like I have been running all week.

Next week is “Book Week” and I have prepared an “Out of this World” costume to wear.  All will be revealed next week in my weekly wrap up!

Here is what happened in my crazy room this week:

  1. Pinwheels – We were looking at the wind this week in Science so we made pinwheels.   pinwheels
  2. Blot Painting – This week our painting experience was blot painting. I love how amazed the students were when they opened the paper up to reveal the image.IMG_1940[1]IMG_1941[1]
  3. Post Office – I’m not sure where it came from but this week some of the students started playing “The Post Office” during inside time.  Therefore we now have a class mail box.IMG_1942[1]
  4. Individual Letter Boxes – Small projects often turn into class projects in the Early Years.  We started to encounter problems with our class mail box (i.e. mail not named, people in the class with the same last name etc).  When we were discussing how we could solve these problems it was decided that we should each have our own letter box.  This way we post our mail in the large class mail box and then each day two “chosen” postman will deliver the mail to our individual letter boxes.IMG_1943[1]
  5. Reading– We are moving along like wild fire in our reading at the moment. Check out these two Preppies reading to each other, not because I asked them to, just because they could!!IMG_1939[1]

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