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The start of Term 4

11 Oct

This week saw the start of our fourth term.

Tuesday was our first day back.  The students had class and I had a Professional Development day about reading (yep a PD day on the first day of term) so I didn’t get to see my class until Wednesday.  And as I had long service leave at the end of third term the students were beyond excited to see me (which is always good for your self-esteem 🙂 ).  It took us 40 mins just to mark the role in the morning as they all had SO much to tell me.

So needless to say that with only 3 days in the classroom this week my Five for Friday post will be a little “lean”!

  1.  Baby Cards – We had two families have new babies this week – both boys.  So it was a perfect opportunity for some ‘real life’ writing.IMG_5591
  2. Teddy Bear Hospital – We had medical students come to school to run a Teddy Bear Hospital workshop with our classes.  The students participated in 4 activities (sun safety, dental hygiene, exercise and healthy body).  This is a great FREE program run by the University of Queensland.IMG_5602
  3. Teddy Bear Maths – We couldn’t bring our Teddy Bears to school for the day and not make the most of it! So we used our Teddy Bears for maths, we read to our bears during “Read to Self” and we wrote descriptions about our bears during “Work on Writing”.IMG_5599
  4. Sounds in Science – During our “Project Time” this week we have been focussing on our science unit.  This term we are looking at sounds.  The students loved making HIGH and LOW sounds with the musical instruments.  However we did agree that we would NOT make a very good class band.IMG_5615
  5. Inquiry Time – During our inquiry Time this week I had 8 boys work together to build a camp site.  They made a fire (they even put pom poms on sticks to use as marshmallows), tents and swags to sleep in.  I suspect a few families went camping over the holidays.IMG_5620

So that is Week 1 down with a very busy 8 weeks to go until Christmas holidays.